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  1. okay, ill keep that in mind. I reckon i could get the extra money for one of these builds within the next 2 months. no rush to building it but I'm looking forward to it
  2. fair enough. thank you. ill save these builds. should hopefully be ordering soon
  3. see the 4gb gpu whats different from that compared to the 8gb version? thank you
  4. thank you I didn't know whether to go with the 2600 or 2700 due to the 2700 having more cores. would it be worth doing that and downgrading the graphics card to a 570 for the short run then purchase a 590 in november and sell the 570?
  5. I am planning on building a pc for my university course, cyber security, because I am in my second year using a laptop. We recently started using virtual machines but my laptop cant handle it. So I'm wanting to build a pc within the £500 budget that can run programming software, virtual machines, networking tasks smoothly. I also want to have a side of gaming and watching youtube/netflix on the side. I am happy to upgrade later down the line like around october/novermber time. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Been saving up for the past 2 years. Also I am from the U.K if that makes a difference to anything.