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  1. Its going to be somewhere in a factory likely an IT room somewhere. Thinking a tower system just for the ease of being able to stick it wherever they want it. seems with the budget I have some wiggle room. reason for so many cores just comes down to manufacturers recommendations. They recommend a minimum of 2 cores/software running on the system and I would rather have something with computing room to spare as things age and programs get more involved. Its likely going to be simpler for me to go with a pre-built option from Dell or HP. Feeling a bit over my head with all this and I can still configure a system with them to do what I require within the budget. Thank you for your help
  2. Thank you very much for your help. Going to do some more digging into the Dell/HP options. I was looking at Lenovo options before and they ended up being well out of budget.
  3. Hi All, I am planning a build for a rig to operate as a web server/archiving/data reporting machine for a Reliable Controls automation system. The cpu/ram I have chosen is definitely overkill for what I require (8-10 cores & 16gb ram) but I am still well within budget for the machine. (approx. $5000CAD) As far as graphics are concerned I would only ever need to hook a monitor to this for desktop use. There will not be any gaming/rendering with this machine. Most work will likely be done over remote desktop anyways but the option for a monitor is nice. I just have a few questions as I have not built a machine like this before. - Most Importantly - Can I run Windows Server 2019 on a Ryzen CPU? Windows says the CPU is supported but motherboard drivers only include windows 10. - This machine will be running 24/7. Most of the time workloads will be minimal with spikes during SQL queries for reporting data. Would a Ryzen build be fine for this long term or is it better to use something more server related (i.e. Xeon)? I don't require huge PCIE lanes just looking for something reliable that will last. - Would I require using both the 8pin and 4pin EPS connectors on the motherboard? I have not been able to find a power supply less than 750 watts that has 2 EPS connectors. Is there a smaller option out there? - I would like to set the drives up in a mirrored Raid 1 configuration. The data being archived is not really critical but the bit of redundancy this offers would be a nice. Is it better to accomplish this through motherboard firmware or through windows? Thank you in advance for your help. Deryk