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  1. Bump. I'm sure I can find the answer via google but I figured you guys would know the easiest / most convenient way.
  2. OK so it seems reinstalling windows is the clear answer, but now I can't find where I do that. I had issues with my copy of windows thinking it was pirated after making the switch, and of course only remembered the video of Linus discussing this very thing (I think the video was called something like "why do I pirate windows") after I had already done it. In that menu there was a "reinstall windows" button, but now I can't find it again. Anyone know where to look? Thanks for the tips.
  3. It feels strange to buy a 4.0/4.4 GHz CPU in 2013 and then buy a 3.8/4.6 GHz CPU 7 years later, but I don't think I'll ever get tired of opening up task manager and seeing 24 threads chugging away. Anyways, like the title says I swapped from team blue to team red. Is it safe for me to uninstall anything I see that says "Intel" on it? Just looking in the uninstall a program menu alone I see all the programs in the attached image. So Intel Rapid Storage Technology for example, would I still get any benefit from that while running an AMD CPU? Are any of these programs worth keeping? Or will any of them cause issues if I uninstall them? I assume I might have to install a new driver if I ax the USB 3.0 controller driver, but will I automatically be prompted to do so? Sorry for the potentially stupid questions, I just want to be really safe before I start nuking stuff. Like a ton of other people this is the first time I've gone AMD and it feels strange. Thanks in advance.