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  1. For anyone that comes across this, the pump is an ek-Xres, I actually found a fix. I was watching the video below and decided to clean the impeller, and behold there was black build up inside. it now runs perfectly quiet.
  2. I took the pump apart cleaned it and installed in new loop with the same issue, what could it be? IMG_0832.MOV
  3. Luminescent sounds interesting, got any links / ones that you would recommend, I don’t want anything that may ‘gunk’ the loop
  4. Had a fault with my GPU today and whilst fixing it I drained the loop, didn’t want to reuse the same liquid but had a spare bottle of azure blue EK mix that I bought but didn’t use. I don’t think I like it though had white before. what other liquids do people recommend that might look good in this build? (Anything else interesting out there like these ‘cloudy’ ones from EK)
  5. SOLVED!!!! I don't know exactly what bit was causing the issue. However I drained the loop Removed water block. Reapplied new thermal pads. Reapplied thermal paste. Change the loop fluid. Gains were huge:http://www.3dmark.com/spy/11196236 60% performance gain!!! (or 60% loss from something I did badly during the build)
  6. It must have some meaning, I have had scores around 12,000+ before and smooth game play on the same set up. Now a score around 8,000 and noticeable drops in FPS in games. The only change is a new monitor ironically to take advantage of the higher FPS I was getting (resolutions were the same on old and new monitor) hopefully a 3080ti comes out later this year, don’t want to buy another 2080ti just yet.
  7. Update: Wiped the SSd’s fresh install of windows going on now.
  8. Regardless of GTA, the main post was about the 3D mark score being so low. (And I have turned off g sync for that)
  9. see attached, sorry I'm not sure what stat you needed
  10. Fist ever loop, lots of RGB in there too.
  11. Played gta v for 20 mins using Nvidia optimal settings for graphics, got 20-30fps in the hills, 40-50 in the city
  12. I know my old gtx1080 had a better score Power limit is set to 100% it shows at 1350mhz, how would I know if its ‘stuck’ at this?
  13. I'm not maybe the best person to answer specifically what you can and cant uninstall. However I have always done a clean install of windows after a major hardware change.
  14. yes drivers are installed, RAM is actually 32GB
  15. no stock its a pny card that would have had a slightly higher clock than reference
  16. Would a GPU riser cable cause a bottleneck to this extent?
  17. Mhz I just took that from the 3Dmark link http://www.3dmark.com/spy/11188396
  18. PU : I9-9900k CPU cooler : Custom water loop EK Block GPU : RTX2080ti (pny vendor) Water cooled EK Block Motherboard : ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-I GAMING RAM : 32GB Corsair DDR4 @ 2,138 MHz SSD : Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 1TB M.2 PSU : Corsair HX1200i Temps do not exceed around 65 degrees under full load. Drivers installed, display port cable to GPU
  19. HI All, I have a build that is causing sub 60 fps on most games and as low as 30fps in others. I do have a predator x35 and I don't expect 200fps but I was expecting more from a 2080ti. my 3d mark score also seems really low http://www.3dmark.com/spy/11188396 I have clean installed windows twice and took the whole system apart. still no look. what would you suggest to narrow down the bottleneck?