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  1. Heya! I'm looking at building a new PC for my own general use. I game a bunch, am looking into VR, and do a smattering of university and workstation work. 1. Budget & Location AU based, looking to spend around $2.5k AUD with a max of $3k, Buying international isn't on the table in the current market slump. 2. Aim The system is going to be used for a large variety of work, I'm not looking for a system that will do something the best, but do everything very well. I play lots of FPS games, League on occasion, cities skylines, just a bunch. Im looking to get into VR and 1440p-4k gaming but currently I game at 1080p 3. Monitors I am currently gaming on 2 monitors, looking to move to 3, but also looking to move to 4k main and 1440p secondary monitors. But again VR. (I'm looking at the Valve Index if that makes any difference) 4. Peripherals I wont be buying any peripherals with this build. Incremental upgrades of monitors will come later. 5. Why are you upgrading? I am upgrading because my current system was put together in 2014. I currently run a i5-4600k and GTX970. I do however have a build put together at a local store's website (pccasegear.com). I am mostly here asking opinions on that build, and if anyone can suggest some good changes. My colour scheme isn't set in stone, I'd like it pretty, but ultimately I don't care, It's going to live under a desk. Storage already exists in my current system. Comments and criticism is always accepted, and feel free to rip apart the linked build. The only thing I'm set on is the 2070 super, I cant really justify going to the 2080s or ti. Otherwise, thanks a bunch in advance!