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  1. thank you for your kind reply. the corsair forum is awful, almost dead. nobody from corsair tries to help their disappointed customers. I have tried changing the lighting node position on the splitter but it´s still undetected by icue. i tried re installing icue again but this time it doesn´t work. I swapped the node with the front ports usb and my pen drives work perfectly. Also the node was working fine until this morning. I forgot to say that sometimes I can hear the usb "unplugging" sound from the speakers. I should really try the node without splitter but I can´t right now because I have a terrible back pain and I can´t bend over... I hope the corsair node is not broken because it´s almost new.
  2. hello, I have a question that maybe could be useful for many other users. I have built my new pc lately. asus maximus X hero, i9 9900k, corsair vengeance pro rgb, h150 i pro rgb, rm 850i, asus gtx 1660 ti, 3x corsair sp 120 pro rgb, ls 100. As you know many devices require an internal usb port to be software controlled but the newest motherboards have fewer and fewer usb 2.0 ports. I had only two usb 2.0 ports on my mb and I needed more to connect - at least 1 usb case front port - rm 8501 - lightning node - h150i pro rgb so i bought an internal usb splitter on amazon "Kalolary 9pin USB header Male 1 to 4 Female Extension Cable Card Motherboard 9-Pin USB HUB USB 2.0 9 pin Connector Adapter Port Multiplier Usb Header Splitter" that splits a single usb port into 4 female usb ports. The adapter is cheap but it seems to work well. However i´m having a lot of issues with my icue controlled components. At first my ls100 ambient mode stopped working (but it ´s connected to an external usb port) and my lightning node got stuck on hardware mode. I fixed both the issues uninstalling my latest icue version and re installing an old version. But today again the lighting node has disappeared from the icue control panel. The question is: may I have exceeded any usb port limit? are these splitters supposed to work well ? if not, how people should connect so many usb devices (rgb light, psu, fans, coolers) if native usb 2.0 ports are so limited?? Thank you in advance for any help
  3. Hello everybody I´ve always been a corsair lover along the years. I have several corsair products: ram, liquid cooling and mouse and they all work well. I´ve seen on youtube the ls 100 ambient ligthning rgb kit and I immediately felt in love with it. I just bought the starter kit. I couldn´t wait to have it. now i´m so disappointed. the advertising doesn´t tell the whole truth. the hardware quality is quite good but there are soooo many problems: the led magnetic bars aren´t strong enough to keep the kit sticked to the monitor. as soon as you touch them they fall down, but that´s ok I could glue them. If your monitor is not perfectly close to a perfectly white wall the light is not so bright but if you set a static full color or the usual rainbow they look good. I bought the kit mostly because of the "ambient illumination" setting (ambilight style). if you set a strong colors wallpaper it´s quite ok. if you watch a movie the light changes have some lag (i think it´s normal) and the colors are mostly quite blended. it´s ok only if it´s a blue sky or green grass but most of the time it looks a kind of pink white. the worst part is still coming... I started some games and the led stripes don´t work at all. they turn off. the advertising said "CORSAIR iCUE LS100 Smart Lighting Strips can accurately match the colors on your screen, WHATEVER you’re doing with your PC." Whatever means whatever to me. That´s not true. The commercial is very misleading. "CORSAIR iCUE LS100 Smart Lighting Strips add a new level of immersion, with in-game integration into games such as Far Cry: New Dawn." Folks, I tried new dawn but the lights were not changing. I just got a sort of light blu aura....... Some people said to try with or without SDK option enabled but without SDK the led don´t work at all. Enabling SDK just a few titles work. Dirt 4, metro exodus, outer worlds, battlefront II, jedi fallen order, we happy few don´t work at all. Battlefield V is working with bleached colors. Gears 5 was working well, the advertised far cry 5 another flop, you just get a kind of light blue aura around. I´m not sending back this crap to amazon but this time i´m really disappointed... Fortunately I bought the kit with 30% discount. as a youtuber I think I´m going to publish a video to show the truth to people.... be warned if you are planning to buy one... The reason why I am writing here is not just to warn you about this product. The main problem is that if you set any preset color effect everything works fine. If you set the "ambient light" mode, besides the bleached colors, the pc starts to lag everything you do. You get fps drop and lag and stuttering in games but even moving a simple folder on the desktop. I had a look on the corsair forum, many people complain about that but the corsair team shuts up... no advices... no apologies.... bandicam 2020-04-03 15-53-59-092.mp4 bandicam 2020-04-03 15-53-59-092.mp4 bandicam 2020-04-03 15-53-59-092.mp4 Some people over the net say it´s because the rgb lightning control throws an heavy load on the control bus, thats possible, but I can´t believe that my i9 9900k 5ghz can´t handle a bunch of led lights.... I came here because i trust the linustechtips community. Does anyone has any advice for me? I am an experienced user but it´s my first "RGB" build after many many years. Thanks to all of you for reading my post....
  4. My case is an old cooler master stacker 820. it´s open at the moment because I still have to cut the roof to mount my new 360mm liquid cooler. I hanged the radiator on the open side
  5. Have you read my pm? what do you mean by "working"?? it doesn´t work automatically or it never works at all??
  6. Well, I keep my card physically set on "p" mode because my goal is to have my fans always spinning. I want my card to always as fresh as possible. They say heat shortens devices life. I don´t even use my psu 0db mode. I keep it at 40% for the same reason. Yesterday you asked me which version of gt I have so I realized I had an old version. mostly the latest win 7 version. Today I downloaded the windows 10 version and it works perfectly. I guess these assholes hide the latest versions to force you installing that crappy windows 10 fck i can´t add any more pics. i write you in pm
  7. As I said in the first post I had an i7 3770k 4200mhz and two gtx 660ti in SLI. 16gb ram ddr3. The pc was fine. I could do mostly anything I wanted. I could still play any latest game on medium/high. The biggest problem was the 2gb vram of the cards. the gpu were strong enough in sli. I built my pc several years ago, I spent a lot, and usually I don´t change it if I don´t really need it. One day i decided to do something crazy to please myself. I love technology. So I moved to the i9 9900k, 32gb ram ddr4 and the 1660ti. it was the most expensive I could afford. I spent quite a lot for the cpu,mobo and ram. One day I can always change the vga. the i9 will rock for years. Sometimes I play around with adobe after effects. The increase in performance is huge. They say that 144hz monitors are great for gaming but my budget is depleted. I have a family to feed so I can´t just think about my expensive hobby.
  8. I can set +1000 even on the core but once I tried not so much more than +100 and the fire strike was failing. I prefer stability instead of 3 fps more. Probably I could set more than +100 and check each game response but as you told me before I don´t really need it. The card is fine for 1080p and i´m not going for the OC world record
  9. Quite funny... this is a fire strike with +1000 memory. There´s absolutely no gain. now we know it´s a useless setting Still 50 degrees maximum during the firse strike
  10. I don´t know. I decided to oc the card just to bring it to the factory overclocked model level and squeeze some extra fps. If you set every single small detail to the very maximum staying over 60fps can be tricky even at 1080p I bought this card when I still had my i7 3770k. then I got the i9 9900k and I got some extra frames. The i9 is a real beast. the strix is an ice cube compared to the cpu. I´ve got much more problems to keep the cpu cool than the vga. Fortunately the cpu doesn´t get so hot playing games otherwise the aio fans get quite loud. Not soo loud but much louder than the vga that is mostly inudible.
  11. well i´m sure i just pushed on auto. where sould I see or set this custom curve? look look, it´s not enabled. I found the tab right now is it this are you talking about?
  12. as you could see I also hit 54 degrees in battlefront II but usually no more than that I reached the 54 degrees you see in bfII in about 45 minutes of gameplay. I think The afterburner setting is simply on auto. I got The core "curve" using the AB auto overclock. Then I added +500 on the memory by myself since the auto overclock works only on the gpu core
  13. just tomb raider. maybe because I have slightly exeeded the vram Fps raise and lower Anyway the game experience is good. Here are the exodus fps
  14. These are my settings Here are some ingame temps and fans rpm. Every game is set on 1920x1080 with MAX SETTINGS (even higher if I could add something manually) Battlefield 5 borderlands 3 Outer Worlds METRO exodus rise of the tomb raider battlefront II As you can see the hottest game (battlefront II) hit 54 degrees but my fans are always spinning at 30% (around 1000 rpm) and are mostly dead silent. As soon as I quit a game the temp reverts back to 29 degrees almost instantly. Obviously now my room temp is very fresh. I´ll see this next summer how my new card will perform. Summers are deadly hot these last years
  15. my gt version is my options are completely different. is the last windows 7 release. i should try and install the windows 10 version I tried to set the image off in the options but it doesn´t work. other people around the net say the same
  16. I have no reason to tell you a lie. the video card is always fresh and silent. I hate noise so my pc must be mostly silent. I never really hear the strix fans spinning up neither gaming nor converting a video using nvenc h265 drivers. maybe it´s because 1080p it´s not so hard for the card to achieve. or maybe it´s because i´m on DX11 since I use windows 7. I think DX12 are more demanding than dx11 If you are interested just Let me organize some screenshot. Are you interested in any particular game? I can play far cry new dawn, dirt 4, outer worlds, metro exodus, gears 5, battlefield V, borderlands 3, star wars fallen order, battlefront 2.... oh i forgot to ask you something. when i turn on the osd in gpu tweak I get an asus logo on screen and there´s no way to remove it. they show a key combination but it doesn´t work. it´s very annoying do you know how not to have that damn asus logo on the screen??
  17. oh. this is quite weird... my card is physically set on "P" mode and I have the 0dB option in gpu tweak . The only problem is that each time I switch profile I have to re set odB mode off by myself... it´s so annoying. Unfortunately I can´t remember if it worked like this since day one and I didn´t pay attention to it or anything changed later. my specs are MB asus maximus X hero, i9 9900k 5ghz, corsair ddr4 3200mhz vengeance pro rgb 32gb, asus strix gtx 1660ti 6gb A6G. Here is a stock firestrike. and this is with +100 core and +500 memory as you can see I get a thousand extra points and a few fps more. I just wanted to match the card to the OC model. I have a 27" 60/75hz PLS Samsung monitor. It´s a good monitor but not a "gaming" model. I play games In 1080P usually at 60hz because some games refuse to get "full screen" if i overclock the monitor to 75hz. At this resolution The gaming experience is great both with or without oc. I can play ANY latest game at its maximum detail level, extra,ultra,epic or anyway you can call it. Playing indoor levels I get over 80/90 fps. in Outdoor great battles I get usually around 75 FPS. I´ve never seen the card dropping under 70fps even with the i7 3770k 4200mhz I had a couple of months ago. The card temps never rise over 40/45 degrees in any situation (with fans on of course). I´m very satisfied with this card even if it´s one of the "cheapest" available. I´m sorry for writing so much. maybe you were not interested
  18. Thank you for your reply @frozensun. I can´t really say that I "need" these two softwares. I´ve been using AB for many many years to boost a little my old cards but I had two asus GTX 660ti in SLI so I never had the "0db" problem. The 1660ti is a good vga and performs well even without oc but usually I throw in a +100 on the core and + 500 on the memory. I also like to watch the ingame stats after playing a game, temps memory usage, gpu usage and so on. Last night, after posting here, I noticed that whenever I switch between any gpu tweak profile the 0dB setting turns on. I never paid attention to that. Usually I set the oc mode to play then i set silent mode when I just browse the web. That´s why I found my card in silent mode by itself. Do you know if is it normal for the gpu tweak software reverting to 0db mode in between each profile change? thank you
  19. Hello guys, I have found your thread and I need your help. I have an Asus GTX 1660ti strix 6gb ac. As soon as installed my new card my gpu fans were all spinning and that´s what I want. Then I installed gpu tweak 2 and everything was fine, fans spinning. The bios button was on power mode by default. Then I installed afterburner and i´m pretty sure the fans were still spinning with both softwares. Mostly I couldn´t find the 0dB hardware switch because it´s so small. One day I found the switch so I moved it into 0dB mode just to try a few seconds and then back to power mode. Now I have the opposite problem @frozensun has. I want all the fans to spin ALWAYS but they stop by themselves randomly. I have set odB mode off in gpu tweak and auto fan mode in afterburner. I never use both programs together. Anyway the card is stopping the fans randomly. I get aware of that because I see the temps reaching 50 degrees instead of 29 as usual. The hardware switch is on performance mode, I checked right now. Do you have any idea? I started gpu tweak a few minutes ago and the 0dB mode was on. Why does it get on by itself if I KEEP on setting it to off??? Do you think the two softwares fight each other? or it was it me moving the switch the first time?? Thank for your help