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  1. So i am about to build a new pc scince my old one broke completely (no way of saving it). So i wanted to ask for help, i am on a tight budget and i want to build a pc for around 500$ and now the problem... Here in finland you can not get pc parts for cheap and i have been thinking that i buy a ryzen 5 3400G for my pc so that i have a pc that runs ok with some games until i can buy a graphics card but then again the ryzen 3300x is looking kinda juicy with it's +12% power. So should i buy a ryzen 5 3400G or wait until i can buy a gpu with the ryzen 3 3300x (+3 months)? My current list of components: Msi B450-A PRO MAX Ryzen (TBD) RX 580 8GB (still in the process of getting the money) Hyperx fury 2x8GB 3200mhz 500W gold PSU, modular Silentumpc SG1S 2x120mm 2400rpm fans Kingston 240GB SATA ssd
  2. I am planning on getting a RX570 8GB for my rig and i was wondering if there is any chance that it could run Half-Life alyx? Every answer is appriciated! Specs: Cpu: Ryzen 5 2600 @3.1ghz Ram: 12gb of ddr4 ram (2133mhz) Psu: 600w power supply Storage: 260gb M.2 ssd 2tb HDD Motherboard: ASrock A320M-HDV R4.0 Graphics card: GT 1050 OC (Old i know)