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  1. And isn't 3500u and 3700u so close performance wise?
  2. I can wait tho in my country prices only getting higher and higher not lower so i should buy a laptop now. Or can you give what you think estimated prices will be i will think about it.
  3. So i will buy a laptop and use it for at least 5 years. I'm figuring out should i really spend more 300 dollars more for not much of a diffrence? I mean by that Ryzen 5 3500u vs I7-10510u. I can buy lenovo thinkpad e495 Ryzen 5 3500u for 600 dollars. Or a Ryzen 5 3500u Acer Swift 3 SF314-41G with Radeon RX540X which is 60 dollars cheaper than thinkpad. Or i will just buy i7-10510u Dell Inspıron for 900 dollars. Which one you think i should go for? Should i pay 100-200 dollars more and get something even better or these ones are enough?
  4. Thank you all. This was really a good laptop for 600 bucks :/. I probably buy something else
  5. I consider buying a Huawei Matebook D 15 model with soldered 8 gigs of ram. But i think i need to consider changin 8 gigs to 16 if i start coding android studio etc. So can a soldered ram replaced?
  6. Does msi gaming b350m support ryzen 4000 series? I couldn't find any useful info.
  7. Im from Turkey but i can maybe shop from Germany aswell. For battery life i would need like 5-6 hours of battery. I don't want anything above 3 kilograms.
  8. Thank you for your help for real. Are there anything that i can do digitally to make it work or only manual
  9. and i tried to overclock within amd's ryzen overclocking program but it gave me a blue screen every time i tried to boot so i re-installed windows but this was after this issue started.
  10. i guess i had a program named msi gaming something tho i dont have it now. it was overclocking at some points yeah. except that i didnt even done anything in bios 1 years ago.
  11. yes, all the power comes to usb lights are turning on etc. but no boot options or windows at all.
  12. Sorry, i couldnt explain myself. I press the on button on my pc and wait 10 secs (black screen) then press reset button on my pc to boot it normally without a problem. But if i try to wait and dont do anything after i press on there is nothing but a black screen (no bios no boot sets etc.).
  13. i have searched for a solution to this online and read the same thing you read but i hadnt had any issues until a year or so ( my pc is 3 years old ). i'm gonna edit and write the specs on the main post.
  14. As i mentioned, i press start button on my desktop and after like 10 seconds i press restart button then it boots up. It is an issue for like a year but i want to sell my PC so i need to fix it. Can someone help me out? Ryzen 5 1600 ( STOCK ) 2x8 GB DDR4 2133 MHZ MSI Gaming X 1070 MSI B350-M Motherboard 2 TB 7200 RPM HDD