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  1. @IntMDquestion is if this game was CPU intensive. I'm going to try some FPS like call of duty and report back.
  2. @foamygopher so far tried it with world of tanks at max settings. Ryzen Master reported max 69C. Thoughts?
  3. During the conversion reagent.xml failed but i did the manual.
  4. So I've manged to change to UEFI and using fastboot but the boot time is identical to legacy (about 15 seconds). It also created new partition (500MB) - what do I do with that F: partition - Thoughts?
  5. Just did a fresh install of a new hardware. I wanted to see how that "ultrafast" works but it seems like once enabled my SSD disapeares. I've skimmed through reddit and someone mentioned to check your bios mode == legacy in my case. Is there any way to convert or will I need to reinstall windows? Update: so I've found i.e video that shows how to convert but is there any disadvantage to convert vs do fresh install? Is there any difference?
  6. @foamygopherlet me get back to you. Didn't have a chance to install anything yet. Thank you!
  7. Sounds good thanks! I was trying to avoid getting aftermarket heatsink but now I don't know. Without OCing this CPU should I be fine playing games? You would think right?
  8. I just ran the quick stress test using Ryzen Master (Creator Mode) the temps are between 70-73 C - Thoughts?
  9. Let me look into that - thanks.
  10. chipset updated. Seems like temps are lower. I could see Ryzen power options now. After my exhaust fan I'll check it out again but I don't think so I can expect much more via stock cooler right?
  11. o wow i had no idea...i'm sorry been awhile. Let me try that. thanks bunch!
  12. chipset drivers for what? Motherboard i.e bios? I'm sorry little bit confused. Drivers for what exactly? So I should be able to see the "Ryzen balanced power plan" in options? I believe windows 10 is patched all the way.
  13. I don't even have that option. Is this good or no?
  14. Now Master shows ~41/42 C, nothing changed.