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  1. aha so android is clearly not an option for you, yes you should buy the se
  2. A good idea if you love iphone and won t change to android, but else i would recomand you to wait for the google pixel 4a or buy the xiaomi pocophone 2 for 75 dollars less
  3. I plug it in the Pc and it sends out code 43 usb fail. I have tried evry single fix found on the internet and it didn't work. Please help me
  4. So I plug my mouse in to the pc and get error code 43, try all fixes that i could find and nothing works!!!
  5. what hapend to the ltt minecraft server?
  6. Maybe they will cancel it because of the virus.
  7. Will this year rog rig reboot take place?
  8. well see, amd cood just bee a realy inovativ compani and might push forword as they to now. But a little bit of competition wouldn't hurt.
  9. Yea from what I read it seems that amd drivers are trash.
  10. Yes competition is why people inovate, sorry, I take back what I said :(((((
  11. if it is compatible with x570 it will most likly bee compatible even with x370. And yes I agree 5000 series will most likely change the cpu industrie for ever.
  12. I think they will be grate, giving intel the final hit, but I don't expect 5nm because it hasn't been inplemented in the qualcom 865, where the diy shrink is usualy seen first because a more power efficient smartphone is much more important then a power efficient pc.
  13. When are the 4000 series amd cpu's coming out? Dose anyone know?