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  1. When you say Black/White version do you mean the mesh or hard faced?
  2. This one of the first cases I have personally bought from the cheaper end for pricing and it did not disappoint at all! The airflow is amazing, design and build structure are on par with the big names in my opinion. Materials used in the construction are beyond adequate and it tells me they are turning out quality for reasonable pricing! If you want more info on the this case go to https://www.montechpc.com/en/products_detail.php?nid=23&s_ok2=. They have 2 color options with 2 style options, The first is white with either a solid front face or mesh front face and the second is black with either a solid front face or mesh front face. It is a gorgeous case and if built right, a beautiful pc and conversation starter.
  3. I have a case from the series before this, The Montech Air 900 ARGB and it is by far one of the best cases I have used. My monitoring program says that once up to operating temp for cpu and gpu it never really increases (anything concerning) no matter the load I am throwing at it.
  4. Montech recently announced the Air X ARGB, which is the next PC case in Montech's Air series of PC cases. The Air X ARGB has some fantastic features like a Diamond Mesh front air intake, a 6-port ARGB fan controller, and three pre-installed fans for some excellent cooling, this case has two 200 mm fans installed on the front of the case as an air intake, and one 120 mm ARGB fan as an exhaust. Air X ARGB has a wide range of features that enhance the already fantastic design besides the Diamond front mesh, and these features are a tempered glass side panel and a 6-port ARGB fan controller. The tempered glass side panel uses a new sliding mechanism that stops the need to drill four holes in each corner of the glass. This new sliding mechanism allows for more structural strength. For more specs it can be found at https://www.montechpc.com/en/products_detail.php?nid=153&s_ok2=