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  1. We're buying used never trusted those chinese sellers either thanks for the warning.
  2. Mobo: Gigabyte B450 GPU: Asus Turbo 1080Ti CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 (stock) Ram: Corsair 3000MHz 2x8GB PSU: Zalman 700W 80+ Display: Samsung C27HG70QQM When I connect with a display port my pc won't boot. I have those small speakers in the mobo and that beep sound won't come. If I connect with hdmi it boots up normally then I connect DP and change to that but even then display starts closing and opening every couple minutes. I changed to another cable but it didn't fix. How can I fix this? I need DP for freesync and 144hz HDMI doesn't support both. Edit: Because on samsung site it doesn't say clearly the version of the DP I went and bought DP 1.2 cables. According to this site monitor has 1.4 could it be the issue? https://pcmonitors.info/reviews/samsung-c27hg70/ Edit 2: Didn't get the proper manual but found it on the site it says dp 1.1-2-4 is supported still no idea what's causing the issue. https://gzhls.at/blob/ldb/5/e/f/6/9bb00ad66b3fdc4314f20946d64ca4bbe7ac.pdf
  3. About 60$ we live in turkey gpus are quite expensive here
  4. Yeah you're right if it were for me we would go for a full system refresh but he just wants a computer where we can play GTA5 R6 Siege and CSGO. It looks like 750ti does bottleneck but about %1-2
  5. My friend has this pc with i5 750 and his budget is only enough for a GPU. What would be the best GPU without experiencing bottlenecking? I was thinking about a GTX 750Ti
  6. Display: Samsung LC27HG70 GPU: Asus Turbo 1080Ti CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 Mobo: B450 PSU: 700W 80+ Here's how it went down. I took a screenshot of desktop and because windows still has a buggy HDR it messed up, it was at this half open half closed weird thing. So I restarted the PC and nothing came to display not the bios not the windows or GRUB because I also have ubuntu installed. Switched to the second port on GPU still nothing, plugged in HDMI to GPU nothing tried the HDMI port on motherboard still nothing. Took out SSD that had the system in it to see if it would work, didn't. So I plugged HDMI to my old display and it worked. I thought it was displays fault so I tried to connect it with HDMI to my macbook and it worked. So display and GPU is working. Back to the HDMI to my PC and this time it worked. But everything I tried didn't fix the display port. When I change the source to display port it shows on display it doesn't show any picture and just swaps back to HDMI if it's plugged. Because I didn't get any Display Port cable with the display I had to buy a third party one from a brand called Pauge. So I contacted them explanied the situtation and they asked me to change the power settings to max at Nvidia Control Panel which it was like that always, told me to try it with different PC's or displays which I don't have so I couldn't try those and told me to try it with a different OS but as I said I can't even get to BIOS. Still opened ubuntu changed the source to DisplayPort and no picture. I'm just stunned and can't think of anything to do. Do you guys have any suggestions or maybe know what caused the issue? My country is currently on lockdown so I can't even go out and buy another cable (I can order a new one which I did but it's going to take about 4-5 days to arrive). Nvidia and Freesync sadly doesn't do well with the HDMI currently stuck on 2K 100Hz. Edit: They also asked me to change my power cable that connects to PSU which didn't make any sense but I think I have more than enough Watts for a display port.
  7. Because I hate cables I was thinking about going for a wireless headset which one I should choose between these three? Razer Nari Essentail Corsair HS70 HyperX Cloud Stinger
  8. any chance they can be used for something else? guy I'm buying from says he used the cards for rendering.
  9. I'm going to buy a used rx 580 but couldn't understand this thing attached to it any idea what it is?
  10. Specs: 1080ti ryzen 5 3600 2x8GB 3000Mhz CL14 I've found a deal on a used 2k 144hz with freesync monitor it has same price as a 2K 75Hz display but i don't know if my system can keep up with but even if it can't wouldn't it be worth it given the price? Samsung LC27JG54
  11. the only multiplayer game i play is R6 Siege and it supports 21:9 other than that I play only singleplayers when they come out so it seems like this might be an issue if developers won't support ultra-wide, then again as you said there are mods. I was going for a 2k 75Hz 16:9 27" display but just saw this used LG ultrawide for half the price of what I was looking and it seems like a good deal. What about performance? I'm sure 1080ti can support ultra wide but will there be a huge difference in FPS between 16:9 vs 21:9
  12. Found this monitor for cheap and was wondering if 21:9 aspect ratio is a problem in gaming? Specs: 1080ti ryzen 5 3600 2x8GB 16GB 3000MHz LG 29UM68-P
  13. Usually it's around 4.1 but it changes to 3.9-3.8 then back to 4-4.1
  14. Just bought a 3600 first thing i did was to benchmark it on cinebench r20. CPU runs at 3.90-3.85 GHz during %100 load with a max of 82 Celcius with stock cooler, on idle even the chrome isn't open CPU goes 4.1-4.19 GHz is there a reason for this? Also cooler fan is too loud even on load I have the ryzen app but didn't see an option to change the fan speed any way I can do this without going to BIOS? Is the temperature too hot for stock cooler my intel was always at 55C so 82 is kinda scary. GPU: 1080ti Ram: 2x2133MHz CL14 Cinebench score : 3401
  15. Thank you everyone for your replies just writing here to get final confirmation if this is a good choice I decided to sell my Mobo+CPU+Cooler + (maybe) Rams to get B450 motherboard and ryzen 7 2700 or 2700X with stock cooler. Not going for ryzen 5 3600 because it's about +70$ more than 2700 and 2700X is same price with 3600 should i go for 8 cores older gen or 6 cores current gen? (assuming I can go +70$ if not I'll buy 2700 setup I'm selling equals to b450 and 2700) And if I can sell the rams as well I'll go for 3000 or 3200 mhz cl14 2x8gb