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  1. yes it did nope i had it for a year now WD my passport
  2. The external hard disk in question wont will not receive any file it goes to a point then it stops thanks in advance
  3. My HDD wont receive files when i send them it goes to a point then it stops working
  4. Thank you that worked
  5. Windows cannot be installed to this disk. the selected disk has an MBR partition table.On EFI systems, windows can only installed to GPT disks this is what it says
  6. okay but whats the button foe it on hp laptops cause on my legion it and external button
  7. it works there is windows 7 installed on it i wanted to change it but the windows 7 doesnt display usb
  8. So there is this hp laptop a few weeks back the HDD displayed a S.M.A.R.T error so i replaced the it i bought a preowned one which was in excellent Condition but it wont boot windows i tried the CD and with a USB it wont boot what can i do? thank you in advance
  9. That`s a lot of work of i`d be better off just buying a monitor
  10. Is it possible to use a laptop display for a ps4?
  11. I was given an HP be laptop and it wont boot it keeps saying SMART HARD DISK ERROR can i fix it without changing the HDD? Thank you in advance!
  12. yes they are but they are at the stock speed how can i change that?
  13. i cant touch the left side of my pc when its under load