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  1. If you have time I highly recommend getting them from aliexpress since they are incredivle cheap for the size
  2. Yeah gets a little warmer than I would like it but only noticable when you have it on your lap, which makes it a kind of a LAPtop This, but altough the laptop is made out of plastic it still doesn't feel that cheap because the material is somewhat mate and therefore feels waaay better than those acer plastic laptops. Also the screen on my one is really bright and sharp in color for the price.
  3. Actually having the "i7" version and I am more than happy, just wanted to share it since I think the laptop is a little under the radar
  4. Have you looked into the Dell Insprion 2 in 1 series yet ? They technically have an i7 in them EDIT: here is a link, but not sure if you can view it. http://www.dell.com/de-at/shop/2-in-1-pcs/inspiron-13-2-in-1-system-der-5000-serie/spd/inspiron-13-5379-2-in-1-laptop
  5. Imagine LMG really buys the netlinked team, kinda have to rethink lmg as a real company not an excuse for linus to play around with gadgets all the time :P

  6. If you thought AMD vs NVIDIA is a stupid debate try arguing about washing your car in a car forum

  7. I really don't see the point there because for a long term solution it is too much maintenance and for short extrem overclocking there is already liquid nitrogen. Also when dry ice evaporates it creates CO2 and I doubt you want to always open the window or else be scared of suffocating. And if you would seal it you would just create a huge dry ice bomb and if you ever been to a festival that allowed dry ice you should know that its not exactly a nice thing
  8. Wow Apple seriously charges you 351€ to repair the iPhone antennas, I was expecting a lot but this is mental

  9. OMG Linus is in the MKBHD studio, hype officially activated

    1. Nup


      Oh shit that is pretty cool... twitter? 

    2. C0LL0SS0S


      saw it on marques snapchat 

  10. I also think that there aren't any major discounts coming because when Project Scorpion is launching most companies will already sell entry-level 4k TVs.
  11. Ordered for the first time on aliexpress, no I get it way people become addicted to buy things....

  12. Do you really think that DDR3 and your current CPU is limiting your PC ?
  13. I think one of the 20+ employees at LMG should really be responsible for adding metric units to videos...

    1. comicsansms


      I thought Canada used the metric system and I thought they used to use metric in their videos. 

      I really just don't even with their measurements, metric or don't do measurements, people who use imperial need to know how to use metric, but not the other way around. 

    2. C0LL0SS0S


      yeah I thought so too but in the acer Predator video they used pounds, its not a big deal but thats way I feel like they could just simply add it too

  14. True I really kept it short because I think they sound just fine " The sound they produce is still a little beatsy but I personally think that they are far from earlier Beats products and only lack ever so slightly at the mids."
  15. Just uploaded my Beats X review, quite a long one but should show why I like mine even though they are kinda pricy

  16. I am thankful that you read my whole review and looked at my points before you commented with your opinion
  17. In this post you can find my, kind of lengthy, review of the Beats X. I also included a TL;DR at the bottom for people that don’t care about this piece of poetry I just cranked out of my head during the last 30 minutes I usually listen to music for 3-5 hours per day, long commute to school, but never felt the need to get anything better than those 30$ in-ear earphones because due to my frequent use they would never survive longer than a few months anyway. It wasn’t until Jaybird announced the first BlueBuds before I was interested in bluetooth earbuds at all but because of the technology being so new and me being so broke I skipped them and later releases. Expensive earbuds lost my attention again, until Apple decided to throw out their Beats X way, like seriously way, before they were ready in september. I gotta defend myself, I had problems with wired earbuds before, like hearing noises through the cable while walking, probably because I bought those cheap unshielded ones, or the cable just straight up limiting your movement while in use. So anyway I saw the Beats X and thought that they are perfect for me since they have: Small driver housing A cable connecting them because I wouldn’t want to loose my earbuds Somewhat normal looking, although the loop they make is a bit strange They are designed to work with iPhones because of that fancy W1 chip THEY ARE SYMMETRICAL for the love of god So I decided to buy them, note that I made that decision in november but after I realized that Apple just used them so the lack of a 3.5mm jack on the iPhone 7 seemed like a smaller deal that it actually is, I had to wait quite a while until they were available. Soooo To keep it short they didn’t not showed up until motherfin february and I still think that the announcement during the keynote was a big mistake. Anyway now that I had them for more than a month, I think it’s time to review them so I and you can find out if they are worth it. The title said that the X’s are 120$ and I was as surprised as you when I found out, that the 3 months Apple Music trial that comes in the box, can be redeemed in form of an iTunes credit for 29.98€, and I guess it’s the same with dollar. For the unboxing, well it’s an Apple product so the unboxing process is very nice and appropriate for earbuds with a price tag of 150$. They come included with a wide variance of eartips to fit your ears, even those funky double sealing once that kind of look like you put a screw in your ear canal and also with ear-fins and a short USB Type A to Lightning cable. Anyway how are the Beats X in a daily usage ? Well for me they work quite well, the battery has only died once on me and that was because I forgot to charge them overnight but because I always carry a powerbank on me I could use the really useful Fast Fuel feature which loads 2 hours worth of listening in just 5 minutes of charging. The pairing process is, thanks to the W1 chip, flawless on iPhones but I also used them with my laptop and they paired just fine minus the somewhat magical feeling you get when the little paring screen pops up. The sound they produce is still a little beatsy but I personally think that they are far from earlier Beats products and only lack ever so slightly at the mids. The only problems with them I sometimes get is that the, otherwise very nice clicking, in-line remote doesn’t work when you press it for the first time from time to time. But since it only occurs from time to time and only for the first press during the usage I think it’s not the worst. Also the carrying case that comes with them is just not good, since you need to fold them in a very specific way to even fit them into it, and even when you fit them correctly they are not protected 100% since the case is open at the top. What I would love is a shorter cable since even for a tall guy like me it is making that loop which I personally think is not the most aesthetically pleasing form in the world. Other than that and the infamous stupid way they charge, very apple like though looking at you magic mouse 2, I really like my Beats X and for me personally they are worth the steep price Apple or Beats is asking for them. TL;DR PRO: Work exceptionally well with Apple products but just as normal with other devices The 150$ price tag really is 120$ + 30$ App Store credit They just work, when you need them and thanks to magnetic backs they don’t disturb Battery life is more than enough for me personally + Fast Fuel is amazing Don’t look like you jammed toothbrushes into your ears CON: Well they are still 150$ In-Line remote sometimes bugs during first use after power up The cable loop they force form is not the prettiest They charge really awkward because they are so stiff The carrying case is not closed and can only hold them when folded correctly Beats X are neither water resistant or water protected, you gotta pay more for that SUMMARY: Although it may seem like the Beats X are bad earbuds, the cons I listed really are minor details in an otherwise very well made product, which I would absolutely recommend to a friend of mine or buy again. I hope you enjoyed this pretty spontaneous review I just wrote and didn’t encounter to many errors, if so please have mercy since english isn’t my native language. I would love some feedback if you have some for me
  18. Just found an old setup banner  for a "dream upgrade" and got inspired I should really stop wasting so much time though :D


  19. So I waited for DDR3 to become cheaper, waited even longer after it hit 30€ for 8GB and now it is back at about 65€ for the 8GB Crucial Ballistix, FML I even paid less when I bought it

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    2. C0LL0SS0S


      yeah me too but now I really don't wanna pay 65€ for the upgrade so I guess I have to 2nd hand it somewhere

    3. C0LL0SS0S


      wow you are lucky indeed


    4. Factory OC

      Factory OC

      Sadly, I don't have money for a PC. Using a Laptop to do stuff.

  20. whats exactly wrong with google search ?
  21. About to buy the Beats X, please don't be bad, PLEASE YOU ARE SO EXPENSIVE

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    2. Nup


      Well give us a little mini review or something. I'm curious to see how they hold up 

    3. C0LL0SS0S


      yeah so far I really love the pairing but sure I'll try to review other stuff as all those youtbe reviews that really only scratch the surface tbh

    4. C0LL0SS0S


      But I can already tell you that the case that comes with them is very strange, first time I needed to learn how to use a freakin case...

  22. Finally got the new Laptop, could be a cheap XPS 13 alternative so far....

  23. The Smartphone market has advanced so far that, alteast for me, the most important feature a phone has is software its update cycles which is a huge benefit for both apple and google since they make they software for their phones. But maybe nextbit has some nice cloud software that razer wants to use in their next products though I really don't see how a blade or a stealth would benefit from deeply integrated cloud storage since they have quite a lot of onboard storage