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  1. Yes I do think they are connected , but will check anyway Will repaste I can, but don't have tools to open up the chassis I will repaste both at the same time Pretty sure the warranty's for a year They get throttled at 87 C at nearly 50-60% usage I use hwinfo the below temps are at light load(5 chrome tabs,task manager,hwinfo) thanks for the help mate! current;minimum;maximum;average
  2. I try to keep my background processes fairly light ( mostly avast, steam ,and Epic running in the background other than the default stuff)
  3. Planning to do the same after the stores reopen I want some temporary but reliable fix for now thanks Void appreciate the tip
  4. The bios doesnt allow adjusting fan curves in any manner.I hate it
  5. Guys my i7 8750H on omen 15 (rtx 2060 variant) overheats EVEN at 15-25% usage;currently undervolted by 140 mV its a 6 core 12 thread CPU,temps always stay between 95-99 C while gaming , even at older titles like NFS most wanted 2012. Help Please, welp