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  1. Hi there! So, I have an old Lenovo L512 laptop that's been behaving badly. Here are the problems: 1. When you shut down, the OS shuts down, but the PC stays on. You need to force shutdown to get it off. 2. Sometimes, after the arduous process of shutting down, the computer decides "Hey, I'm gonna reboot!" 3. Hibernate mode is now "enter hibernate and exit hibernate" mode. When you enter hibernate, the computer comes out of hibernate in an instant. 4. When I try to enter sleep mode, the computer enters a weird in-between state where the sleep light is blinking and the only way to get out is to force a shutdown. I looked in Device Manager, and it seems like the Intel Management Engine Interface isn't working. I've tried countless times to reinstall the driver, but it keeps giving me the error "This device cannot start. (Code 10)" Any ideas on whether this is the problem? Thanks LTT Community! Chris