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    8700K & TR1920X
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    MSI X399 & Z370
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    2080Ti & 1080Ti
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    2 HX1000i
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    custom waterloop
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    Ergodox Infinity
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    Logitech G Pro Wireless, G700S, MX518
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    Sennheiser HD700 & Audio-Technica ATH-M50X
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  1. Whoah... took only few days me to troubleshoot my secondary system halting on... (did not boot debug codes 0d&C5&78)... "had tried almost everything"... finally I was adding four rams in specific order... first one ram... testing. Then added another one and brief testing. Then added the last two ram sticks and no boot. Oh well... put cpu ratio back to AUTO and still no boot. Took all the rams out and put them in different order (boot ups in between) and now it is folding again. What can I say. That system got some corona virus I guess. When it started... I came home, put my monitor´s power on, picture came on for several seconds... and after that it has been a real struggle. All in all my secondary system took ~sick week leave I guess. She´s got some temper too it seems
  2. Right now Project 14543: Base Credit 27234 Estimated Credit 230340 Estimated PPD 3.2M
  3. God damn it takes a lot to brake into TOP 20 producers... and that´s how it should be ofc... but I´d like game sometimes too
  4. ...my only concern was how long it takes untill the joke reveals (EDIT: should´ve said: unfold) itself LUL
  5. I have nothing to do with this... EDIT: maybe I should add some more smilies to this You know... I am such a dick... ...I just thought that you deserved it LUL... and those are just WUs after all LUL
  6. GO TEAM LTT!!! over 300K WUs LUL EDIT: Also LTT production pace is more than Default, Curecoin and PCMR team combined!
  7. Den-Fi has some deal with curecoin eventhough not folding with them... the only explanation...
  8. I stand corrected, I remembered that wrong... EOC situation I do know, but I wasn´t talking about it.
  9. F@H stats update every two hours... would that explain it or...?