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  1. Hi Im trying to remove the motherboard, I've removed all screws and stuff, and the motherboard flexes everywhere, but it's still stuck. I have a feeling it's got something to do with the IO, but I'm not sure
  2. I've tried that, but due to the PCIE slot being slighty liften (and removed) on one side i'm unable to do that.
  3. Hi, Today I was going to replace my motherboard, cpu and RAM. When removing the GPU, I forgot about the safety lock, and started pulling it out without first unlocking it. Now most of the GPU is out of the PCIE slot except the end where the lock is. I've been a little too violent I think because the end where the lock is of the PCIE slot has been lifted a bit off of the motherboard. I suppose the motherboard is as good as dead now, but I still hope to save the GPU. I'm unable to push the GPU entirely back into the PCIE slot to undo the lock too. What can I do?
  4. So today i was gonna replace the motherboard, cpu and ram. When I went to pull out the graphics card i accidentally forgot to remove the safety mechanism. The PSI express slot is pulled slightly off the motherboard now, and, and the GPU is slightly pushed in on one end (where the lock is) and up in the other, and I'm unable to unlock the safety mechanism now. What do i do? Have i killed my gpu?