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  1. So what should i do? Would be an overclock enough to stop this, or i must change cpu.
  2. Hi, i've just upgraded the GPU in my rig but i'm trying games and i can't stable fps. Even in league of legends that should be pretty easy to run i see sometimes freezing, and a huge fps drop that in league is from 140 to 40/50, but in games like jedi fallen order or FFXV means drops from 60fps to 15/20. And it doesn't matter what graphc quality i put, on the contrary if i set the graphic on ultra is more stable than low settings. I'm noticing that the gpu usage goes from 100% to 0% in seconds, and it's never stable. On the other side the cpu is still at 60%/70%. Here's my spec: CPU AMD FX 8320 CPU COOLER arctic freezer 13 co MOTHERBOARD Asus m5a97 LE R2.0 GPU XFX RX570 RAM Kingston Fury DDR3 8gb (unico banco) PSU THERMALTAKE ALIM. SMART SE 530W MODULARE SDD Kingston 240gb HDD WD Blue da 1tb CASE Itek Replay 2.0 I tried overclocking, i have kinda good temperature so a didn't mind push it to 4.2 mhz (like a 8350), probably i did something wrong but i can't let this gpu work properly. I really don't want to buy new mobo and cpu so i'd really love to find a solution, I don't play that much so i don't care about the resolution i just need that the game is playable even at very low.
  3. Anyway after one hour of playing Star Wars jedi Fallen Order at high video quality 60fps with FreeSync on, my temp is still 55° so i think i fixed it. Thanks to everyone who helped me.
  4. So i've added a 140mm fan on the panel of the case pointing right in front of the gpu and cpu cooler and I turned the last one of 180 degrees and now temperatures are great. After 20minutes of playing on Star wars jedi fallen order my temp are about 53/54°. My Gpu temp is kinda high (about 77°) but i think could be normal in this kind of game?
  5. Do you think that a solution like a Noua Akari PRO would help? It should be compatible with my socket.
  6. I tried to play one game in League of Legends, 20 minutes of gaming. At the end of the game the temp was 76°, this screenshot of the temperature was taken about 1 min after the end of the game. The temperature dropped drastically. Is it normal? Now it's 17.31 (5 minute later) and the temp is 40° and keeps dropping.
  7. I don't have, I'm just gonna wait for the new fan and hope that will fix. Thanks to everyone anyway!
  8. I've just ordered a new fan that should go right in front of the cpu cooler (goes on the panel). I'm just not sure how should i Mount it. Anyway i hope that this fan with new Thermal paste will fix.
  9. Forgot to say that i've never seen so low temperature in my computer in idle. I've just fixed cable management. But still runs too hot in gaming.
  10. Even with the panel off, while gaming the temperature rise at the same degrees (about 80° after 10 minutes).
  11. Yes, but even with the panel on. After a really deep cleaning now the temperature are stable at 30° if i don't use it and about 40° while using mozilla. If i don't start any game all goes just fine. But in gaming after 10minutes i reach like 80°. it's kinda weird.
  12. Yes you are correct. I've cleaned at the best that i could. The problem is that i can't remove the front panel of the case so it's really hard to clean without removing everything (and i don't think I'm able to do it with the tools and the skills i have. Anyway i've cleaned a lot better the front of the case and it seems at least now that I'm browsing to have a stable 28° temp. I've already ordered one more fan that i can put in front of the cpu cooler and new Thermal paste.
  13. I can't, I'm only able to turn it of 180 degrees .
  14. So i've tried 10 minutes of gaming with star wars jedi fallen order with the case open like you will see in the picture. The temp at boot was 35°, as soon as the game started the temperature raised at 45°, and when i started playing, during the first couple minutes of game was kinda going still at 60° until it started raising and reached 72° after about 5 minutes. When i tab to see the temperature, i see it lowering of 2-3 grades istantly and now that the pc is still on but I'm not using it the temperature is still at 37°. I bought the pc from a local store so I'm not really good with assembling pc, the only thing i did in over 5 years was cleaning the dust without going to deep on the motherboard cause I'm afraid to break it and changing the Thermal paste on the cpu cooler once a year (and while i do that i usually clean up what i can reach).
  15. Of couse i have Thermal paste on my cpu atm I've just run out of new themal paste so i can't switch cooler with the stock one to see if that is the problem. But the toothpaste is actually not a bad idea for trying. I'm kinda sure the airflow is the problem there, but i doubt adding a fan would fix, so what should i do to fix? Change case or cpu cooler? I've seen a lot of people with 8320 and gpu powerefull like mine, is kinda weird. I'm afraid to order new cpu and mb cause i think that if the problem is the airflow i would have the same issue with new hardware.