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    ASUS Z390-H
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHZ
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    MSI GTX1080
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    Acer Predator X34
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    Cooler Master
  1. nice! yer it not bad i was trying to get the highest FPS in MW but it looks like shit! and the fps is not that high really on 1440p bur after putting all on high and running 95% 80FPS is fine 60-80 is what i get but all in all very happy
  2. Thanks mate sorry to bug ya but GPU ? what one whould ya get ill have about $1500 AUD
  3. ok mate ill try that i mite just get a GPU upgrade soon but till the 8700nonK be ok for a bit ?
  4. So fps is abput 70 in game and drips to 45
  5. Ok so with the same setting as @smatts i get 67FPS on the Multiplayer Menu is that right ? @KenjiS9965 i have 32Gb of Corsair Vengeance at 3000MHZ
  6. ok guy ill have a look i dont know what is going on but i was aiming for about 80ish to get close to the refresh rate for the screen. i mite have something else wrong then ? i get BIG fps swings sometimes and GPU is about 50-60c with a little OC on the card. i have 32gb of Ram and a 8700 non K
  7. Hey all So i have a Acer X34 Predator - 3440x1440P at 95Hz.i only have a GTX1080 (MSI one the cheapest one on the market) im playing COD MW 2019 with all setting on low and very low im get over 80-105FPS but the game looks that bad i really cant see much and starting to get over it. i cant afforded to get a new GPU as i lost my job due to COVID-19 in Australia. Anyway i wanted to see if i can run the game at 1920x1080p at 95Hz on my screen i know at 21:9 is going to be stretched so i was hopping to run the game at 16:9 and 1920x1080P with black bars. But want happens the game runs at 1920x1080P full screen 16:9 and stretched out but soon and i change it to full screen boaderless the game Display Resolution is locked and Render Resolution is at 3440x1440 but i have black bars at 16.9 Any Help ? or the game is running at 1920x1080
  8. Now games are crashing on startup. i have used DDU to see if it was that but no luck.
  9. Hey all Im having big FPS swings in COD 2019 i go from 100ish to 20FPS. but on BFV i get 100ish and no swings at all all on low settings i wanted to know if that is a PC problem or game im running at GTX 1080 - i7 8700 non K and 32Gb of ram at 3000MHZ with a Predator x34 3440x1440P Hope you can help me Cameron