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    GPU Issue?

    For further details that may help, I also run a standard samsung 1TB SSD and a Samsung m.2. I dont know if this helps with any info but I'm putting it out there as well. I also repeated and replugged my GPU, and updated my video driver, however that was more out of desperation than actually thinking it would work. Thanks for any help you can give!
  2. THV

    GPU Issue?

    So I believe this is a GPU issue. My system has a Ryzen 7 3800x (Watercooled) and a MSI 2070 super (air cooled). To describe my issue in as few of words and as many details as possible, with ad much detail I will start here. So I can load up my computer and browse the internet just fine. However, when I run a game it starts out fine and gpu usage is low and normal, then out of nowhere my game freezes, in the instance of CS:GO the audio cuts out, if I'm listening to spotify it cuts out and basically my entire pc becomes a brick... I really need some help here.