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  1. Yesterday received my s540 copper with ryzen 3700u and I really like it. Fan noise is extremely low against my previous Thinkbook 13s and super happy with it. I am using in "Intelligent mode" but also I realized that in "cool and quiet" mode it also reduce fan noise and a little bit of performance but it is perfect for web browsing and youtube videos. I still need to test more games but overall the laptop is amazing for this price and setup.
  2. Guys! I am looking to buy this laptop mainly for programming. I sold a thinkpad e495 with ryzen 3500u and found that Ryzen 3500u is an excellent CPU and the fan noise is really low. So I just want to make sure this laptop has the same behaviour, my main concern is while doing light web browsing or watching 1080p youtube videos the fan remains off, completely off or not. I am looking for the ryzen 3700u with 12gb of ram and 512 ssd. Thanks in advance!