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  1. For a £250 pound phone, I would argue the camera is amazing for the price, the SE has a tiny battery and the extra storage comes a higher cost. An SE with 128gb of storage comes at the cost of £469, with no fast charged. The IOS doesn't have allot of ram remark is far from the truth, yes it is better optimised, but its more of a case of no IOS phone has more than 4GB of RAM. The SE is just bad value for money with Google offering cheaper options. And my phone being over 50% cheaper with a bigger screen, bigger battery, better camera, fast charger in the box, more RAM.
  2. I was recently watching the "A Chinese Intel Competior?" Video and Linus was talking about Intel Licenceing out X86 and then I released almost all desktop operating systems use X86 so is intel forced to licence it under anti trust laws? Becuase why elce would they do it?
  3. I have a One Hyper Myself, the camera is amazing
  4. Motorola has returned in a way blackberry never could; since the aqusition by lenovo Motorola has started making a profit which is odd for a company which has been collecting dust for oh so many years, there main market is the low end however there making suprisingly good phones for there price; for example they are selling a phone with an 6"+ OLED screen for £270, however there is a very clear business tactic, the low end proccessers, the 675 snapdragon for example is verty commen accross there range. These lower end value phones put the iPhone SE to shame since most of them have 4gb of RAM and 128gb of storage with bigger more advanced screen and most of them also come with fast chargers. There is one disadvatage... the updates, motorola have been slow and hesitant to release updates to the next versions of android and this is most likly why they are so cheap however there could be an alternative to help make android updates cheaper for all manufacters; google could directly admister android updates for a small one time fee meaning that each smart phone maker wouldn't have to have there own large development teams. They are also investing in the high end, semi-successfuly, with there edge lineup but I think the lack of gartineed software support is scaring people off, but unlike other chinese manufactors they allow rooting of phones, they even have an artical encoraging it but at lost of warenty.
  5. I was looking at the iPhone SE's specs and I saw that they described the battery as "Lasts about as long as the iPhone 8" I found this funny also it feels delibreatly vaige about how small the battery is something which I find a bit misleading/
  6. Eh around every 6 months you should be fine but you could leave it up to a year without turning on however you should normaly be fine.
  7. How long have you had it? How do you use it (do you provide prooper airflow by elevation)? Could it be dust but thats a bit of a strech?
  8. Logs are not the problem, people accessing logs is, its very hard not to log internet requests for VPN companies, easy over the long term but there will always be short term logs. And why would you be worried about logs anyway, uness your doing some skecthy stuff.
  9. Forgot to answer that one, a full sized one with a number pad would be preferable, a hand rest would be nice but I could live without it.
  10. I mean keyboard witch arnt just for the rgb like some of the cheaper ones on amazon which I have hear bad things about, I don't care if the company has a large assiation for the gaming comunity but I am a bit ill informed of companys outside that loop; could you suggest some.
  11. Yes, I wanted the rgb to sync up since I am planning to buy a new corsair case since the current one I have is very ghetto and has no dust filters it also has no top mounted radiator mount so I can't get the best perforance with an AIO, even if its just a minor improvement. I am also however open to logitec and I think cooler master also does them but I dont know.
  12. I don't want to be that guy however if you wait another generation you should get allot better deal on hardware as 3000 series will be out so there might be a new mobile graphics release but I don't know.
  13. Story Context: (Unessental - Satire) 2 Years ago my Mum tried to make me go outside, her mistake she book a Landrover Experence day but then it shut down, so we rebooked with the company for a quad bike thing which I was forced into but then we didn't book it in the end and now they have just given up and are just going to give me the voucher money as they realsied it was not what I asked for anyway (not to sound to ungratefull) but there getting the critisum have she critisied me getting her a woolen handbag at the age of five for her birthday sure it looked like a 50 year old rug. Actual Questions: - I am looking for a decently branded keyboard Corsair, ect. - I want a Mechanical One with preferably chery mx switches - I have a budgits around £100 but could probably push it to £115 with some savings - RGB would be nice as well (Please note I know I almost fall into the the inconsitant triad of features, cost and quality which all consumers dream of) I have been looking at some of corsairs ones but I was reading the one star reviews but they were all a bit mellodramatic and now I don't feel confident in finding one myself. I did like the corsair ones because the sync the rgb with some games which I cinda like. I am also curious of the longjecity of them (bad reviews in my head). I do "game" some First Persons but mostly stratigy games but I still like gaming as a pryority but I also do allot of typing as I have a lot of corsework based subjects which may current keyboard makes it a bit of a strain to type for long durations.
  14. I do belive ram is the issue since that GPU should hold its own. Thce CPU may also be an issue becuase of cores a bit and L3 cashe