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  1. Today i undervolted my cpu.I decreased core voltage(-0.135) 

    Previous used watts:45w

    After undervolt:30w


    Previous temperature:82 ℃

    After undervolt :65-71   


    I want your Opinion obout this.

  2. Yes i changed several time.I tried every settings
  3. Ping is <=150 I play apex legends with same ping but never faced lag
  4. My specs: I5 9400f Gtx 1660 6gb 8gb ram Why I can't play warzone wothout lag?not even low setting People with less config can play. Is this server or net problem? The got 75+ fps but Don't know why it lags too much
  5. Box cooler or tower cooler

  6. Forgot to mention that the hhighest temp is 81.it reduced when I removed the case window.I have two casing fan running.
  7. Using stockcooler,never overclocked,runs with 45w and 3905mhz.
  8. Mine too few days ago.I changes Thermal paste and it downed to 80 degree. But it worries me much when the fan spees starts to increase. Do you still play with 96?
  9. If the answer is no then how those youtuber Maintain less temperature with stock cooler.im just curious
  10. My i5 9400f rise up with 76-78 ℃ while gaming.I saw benchmark on YouTube videos that the temperature stays always bellow 70 ℃. 1.Is there any problem with cpu or coller? 2.somesays It's normal and suggested me to buy a cooler.I am thinking to buy Cooler master hyper 412R(tower coller).its around 20$.Is my decision righ?
  11. can you be more specific?air in my room is normal.i dont use ac,and most of the time my window is closed
  12. I use i5 9400f with stock cooler and 2 casing fan.processor temperature rise to 81-90 degree celcius. degree.my desktop is just 1 year old.at first temperature was only 75-77.i changed thermal paste and cleaned the fan.now temperature around 81 degre. What to do now? The temperature i checked while gaming.I have warranty.is this processor or fan problem?