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  1. i have got a x-99 ws/usb 3.1 for the i7 and i want to record and somtimes stream games like fortnite i have see thad i can use the gtx 970 as a video encoder so my rx 570 hasn't to do thad
  2. i have now the pc you can see on the screenshot the thing i got as a upcrate is a i7 520k and 16 gbb ram and i got a gtx 960 2gb (is only if it is better for streaming)
  3. this is my computer now I have as an upgrade an i7 580k lichen with an x-99 ws / usb3.1 with 16 gb ram ligen I also have a gtx 960 2gb lichen instead of an rx 570 8gb which is better. and what can I do best (and can I score / stream a gamplay with how my system is now)
  4. do you know a cheap pouwer suply for this system?
  5. Best, i am looking for a power supply that is good for the asus x99-e ws / usb 3.1 i have an i7 580k for that motherbord and a rx570 8gb kwa pouwersuply I could not find anything because it is a kind of server mother board. above 500 watt and not to expensive Greetings
  6. the foldinghome app is not using my radeon 570 8gb