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  1. thanks GOTspectrum for organizing this again. Now to unleash the 1070 army! they may not be the biggest, but they are many!
  2. So far i haven't lost money but when ETH was down bad months ago it was only break even. Currently im making small amounts still but you very much have to tweak your rigs for power efficiency. I have some rx580's hanging around and trying to mine profitably with those is impossible they use way to much power and create way too much heat. again i repeat unless you already have the hardware and have cheap/free power you will lose. where i live residential power comes out to about 18 cents per kwh after the fees and its not feasible. I am not paying that rate and its still not great.
  3. https://whattomine.com/ fairly easy calculator that you can set to whatever you have, just set the power price to 0$/kwh if you have free power
  4. great job! works great on my machines so far, needs a dedicated LTT link though im sure some people around here could swing that....
  5. i mine on 1070 SC's on cheap power. I make a profit but very little and the machines have already returned the investment from previous when ETH was high. Granted i have ~36 of them running at any given time i do make a profit, but the margins are small and tight. I would advise against anyone getting into this if you haven't already got the hardware and dont have cheap commercial power as you will just lose most likely.
  6. 570 boards work well, you wont max a x4 slot until 2080 super or higher. The hardest part is the adapters though because 99% ore junk or not the right configuration.
  7. i will get this sorted out tonite, bring some cpu power online!
  8. i got a couple 24 thread xeons, 3 ryzen 3600x, a 8700k, and a 3900x to throw at this BOINC thing if it will make the difference. the xeons have 128gigs of ram each if that helps as well. i figured it wouldn't really make or break the pentathalon thing. someone just tell me whats needed and how to do it i will fumble my way through the rest.
  9. im holding it all back and only folding on 1 rig while my other rigs mine. Im gonna wait until june, turn the A/C way up and unleash them all!
  10. ya im going to have to ramp mine down some aswell, getting pretty warm in the server room downstairs and it even has inlet and exhaust fans...
  11. https://www.adt.link/?amt=201.00&cc=USD&st=Completed&tx=3MU11767HC314532M fast shipping good cables best price
  12. legit, anonymous is a hard hurdle to beat!
  13. with the current core i think the differences are smaller but im sure there will be some gains going to linux due to better pci lane optimization. I personally have not switched myself to check on any of my rigs on 1x slots, but i believe the cards will suffer on heavier WU no matter windows or linux. I personally switched my all to 4x slots and all is good and the cards are maxed.