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  1. Alrighty, last CPU & GPU WUs that'll finish during the event just finished. CPU gets to sleep, and the GPU gets to fold while it's not playing games again. I'll get you one of these days @cbigfoot! Thanks @GOTSpectrum for organizing this event! For the next event:
  2. Fine, I'll just have to save up some dough to plunk down on one of those upcoming ampere cards. I'm thinking 3070, and keeping the 2070S as a full timer.
  3. Why is it only during events that my ppd tanks? I usually get around 1.8-1.9 Mill PPD on my 2070S, but during events, I can't get a decent WU for the life of me
  4. If I can manage to stay in the top 35 of this event, I'll be happy. Currently chilling at 33, but today was not a great PPD day. @Macaw2000 is eating all of the good WUs. This is Macaw:
  5. Even taking a couple of hours each day to play some Borderlands 2, still getting about 1.7 Million PPD. Hoping that'll get me into the higher ranks this time, since I'm lacking my mercenary forces.
  6. Never really stopped folding, but still excited to participate in the event!!!
  7. YAYYYYY, it's finally official! I'm golden baby!!! For at least a few minutes, I have 2 F@H badges (giggle)
  8. This isn't a problem at all. It's just a heat spike from increased power draw. Unless it's spiking into the high 80s then there's nothing to worry about.
  9. Maybe, the FoldingCoin system might be interesting, but it's probably not worth my time to set up on my (relatively) modest gaming rig, so I don't feel like trying.
  10. How I feel running Rosetta@Home on my R5 3600:
  11. Finally gonna hit 100 Million Points tomorrow!
  12. "Coming soon" is market-speak for "not in stock yet". Perhaps that model isn't available yet. I'd personally grab the $1200 model if it's available, better specs.
  13. It's been available for a while now. It's just out of stock because demand is so high.
  14. Use the 8-pin CPU connector in the 8 pin slot. You don't really need to use the 4-pin header, unless you're doing some serious overclocking on it, but if you want to you can also use the 4-pin.
  15. Depends on the store you bought them from. Steam and Origin have tools that move them for you. Epic and GOG require you to delete and re-download the games.
  16. All I’m saying, is the system is bullshit. The government’s always had it out for me. Especially those bastards at the DOT.
  17. That moment when EOC screws up the math earlier, so what you thought would be 700K points ends up being less than 300k...
  18. @cbigfoot, I might still beat you into the top 300. Bout to drop a 600-800k point deuce at 9 pm. Sometimes I think FAH might have my back...
  19. Don't be so sure about 6 pm. Maybe 9 pm will be the one. It's unfortunate that I won't crack the top 300 first, but c'est la vie
  20. Absolutely, that's a solid cooler, and I think you'll be happy with it.
  21. If you don't think you'll need a better cooler than the stock, stick with stock. It will be a bit noisier, and run a bit hotter than the bequiet!, but unless you're overclocking it's plenty.
  22. That mobo has a x16 slot. You might be trying the wrong slot.