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  1. Amazing how a web browser can use an entire gigabyte of ram with two tabs open. What a time to be alive.
  2. 1080P @ 144Hz > 1440 @ 60Hz any day of the week, any time of day.
  3. Yeah I've tried a trackpad on a Surface, and I'd agree, that in my experience, it's about as good as Winders gets. OK, good to know then, I'll keep using a mouse knowing it doesn't get much better
  4. Fuckin' heavy metal! That's rad AF
  5. Unless you went to a color run or were in a sand storm and it's big chunks, I guarantee you'd never ever notice them in an image.
  6. Generally I use about 3 Macs for work, and using them with the integrated peripherals is great. I also have a newer Helios 300 (1660Ti) and a Lenovo T490, and the touchpads they have are borderline unusable and lessons in frustration. They keyboards are fine, but why are the touchpads so bad? They don't really support multitouch, and half the time they don't register inputs, or have these weird dead zones. Is it a patent thing, where Apple computers just universally have perfect touchpads? What gives?
  7. I agree about the adapter situation. Stick to the RF stuff unless you routinely use a lens that's not in the native mount: eg 24mm f/1.4, any of the T/S's, any of the macros...
  8. Tripod will make a difference, but it needs to be a good one. Not some plastic-fantastic Sunpak or Amazonbasics one. does the HX60 support an iPhone app? There's your cable release?
  9. Easiest might be to use the Panasonic program, and buy the cheapest supported camera? I use OMD Webcam with great success, it's nice to be able to just plug it in with one cable, and have it just work. Been using an E-M1.2 with a 17mm f/1.8 mounted to my desk using a magic arm. ISO 400 @ 1/60th f/1.8, and be there. It's neat. For lighting, I just turn off the florescents in the room, turn on a desk lamp in the background, stick a D1 on a C-Stand, bounce it off the wall above the monitor, and turn on the modeling lamp. Done. Looks super pro.
  10. Extension tubes may be in your future!
  11. I call pilot error. It's a solid 20MP point and shoot. it might not look perfect at 100%, but you should have no trouble getting sharp images out of it and getting close without having to do any cropping. Tripod w/ cable release?
  12. I agree with GDR, If you can swing it, I would go R6 and if you need to, a Canon brand EF>RF adapter. My studiomate shoots with a Z6 and it's FINE, but that's about it. No vertical grip option means when he's using lenses like his 24-70 2.8, it's awkward as F and the USB-C port is so low on the side, the cable needs to make a pretty gnarly 180 degree turn to fit into the tetherplate. IQ is what you'd expect out of the 24MP Sony chip, AF seems fine most of the time, but not as good as the rest, one card slot (although an extremely fast one), is again, fine. IBIS on the Z is extremely disappointing in my experience, than again I primarily shoot with an E-M1X, which is the gold standard for IS systems. The Z's in my opinion are just OK cameras. The new Z50 seems good for the price, I'll say that. The lenses for the R are objectively better, but also obviously targeted towards the pro market. Last I used an EOS R, I couldn't remember if it had a pinpoint AF mode like the Z does, that was the one thing on the Z that was really fantastic. The R6 and R5 basically solve my complaints on the R, I'll likely be replacing my D800E with an R5 and switching to Canon for my mirrorless future when the M1X and my Nikon SLR's aren't good enough anymore.
  13. You didn't happen to turn on some sort of in-camera keystone correction, did you? Do a full reset in both the orange and yellow menu's and see if that fixes it.
  14. I use this on my DSLR for 35 B&W Neg and Transparency, works awesome for that. Just invert the curve on the B&W and lettrrip. On the transparency stuff, you'll never recreate the color out of them, so don't expect awesome results. https://www.nikonusa.com/en/nikon-products/product/miscellaneous/es-2-film-digitizing-adapter-set.html For color neg, even with good plug-ins like negativelabpro, results will be iffy. If you have alot of color neg, I would highly suggest sending them to a quality lab, like Richard Photo Lab (Los Angeles). For a flatbed, a V600 is totally fine for DIY results that are "good enough" for strictly archiving reasons, otherwise if you're looking for GOOD results, again with the lab... https://www.adorama.com/iesv600r.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw6uT4BRD5ARIsADwJQ1-QP4D9gcjy7L7wz5ACC1Gl5wvIvRtJH3MsVfrJY3kLXXRzN0tW5iIaAidnEALw_wcB&utm_source=adl-gbase-hometech