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  1. I had Many more Problems and all of them (including this) got fixed with a new Motherboard, sent mine back and got a replacement.
  2. 1. Turn off Quick Boot / Fast Boot 2. that's just a workaround. Prob either my CPU, Mobo or RAM is broken, im currently letting my Mobo get checked.
  3. trued both, didn't work. Bumping up the Voltage helped for yesterday but it didn't boot again today. Memory Try It didn't even boot once. Anyone?
  4. For everyone Having the same problem, MSI Support responded and said: I bumped up the Voltage from 1.23xV to 1.300V and I'll see if this is fixed now. If not I will come back and answer, if nothing happnes for the next couple of days I will mark this as solved. (Original Quote in German):
  5. Updated the question: Maybe someone with the same board and a 3000-CPU can test out BIOS or speak from experience? I don't really want to try A Previous BIOS version, then if it didn't work, the one before, so on because we get power shortages every now and then and I don't want to risk it so often, once okay, aber not if it takes me multiple versions EDIT: it booted fine with XMP disabled
  6. Yesterday it happened 2 times or so so I replugged every Power Cable and after that it was fine. Today It was really bad, it wouldn't stay on after booting for 7 times in a row I took out the CPU und put it back in and it booted instantly without problems 3 times in a row now Let's see how long this will last..
  7. Okay so it didn't happen again today, even afert 5 repoots over the day, when it happens again, I will try replugging and reseating everything one thing at a time and if it doesn't get fixd, I will open a new thread, but I will close this now, thank you!
  8. will try that after work, seems to have worked the first time, I'll update later today EDIT: It might work for a couple of days and then it will not work again, so I might bump this again in a few days (that's what happened the first time)
  9. It now happened again twice in a row, I don't know what to do... Here I recorded it: VID_20200329_183135[1].mp4
  10. Hello, I have build my First PC and have a weird problem: On Tuesday I changed my CPU Cooler and after doing that my PC would either not post at all or crash after ~2mins on the desktop. Screen would turn black, GPU Fan would ramp up to 100% and the CPU-LED on the mobo was lit. I fixed that with one of two things (I did both at the same time so idk what is was): 1. Pulled the CPU-Power plug out and in 2. Loosened the CPU-Cooler screws (was pretty sure i overtightened) One of the two fixed the problem, until today, It randomly did it again 3 times. The 4th time it booted normally, I did pull my PC a bit forward, bc it was close to the wall and I thought maybe the Power Cable was being bent or smth, I am really unsure why that happened all of the sudden today again and the past couple of days it didn't eventhough I literally didn't change anything. Parts: RTX 2060 super Ryzen 7 3700X MSI X470 Gaming Plus Max Cooler Master Reactor 650W 80+ Gold If someone has a clue, please help, I will keep you updated if it happens again. UPDATE: I read a Lot and I'd guess it's either a RAM issue (I read that msi has a habit of liting the CPU_LED when it's actaully RAM) or my best guess: the latest BIOS is bugged, I have read it multiple times (Tho only months ago) that the latest MSI Bios of some Boards produces exactly this behaviour with Ryzen 3000 (eventhough the BIOS should make support for 3000 better not worse) Maybe Someone has some experience with this Board and this BIOS Version or some Parts to try it out? I only have what I have.. One Source:
  11. So Precision Boost Overdrive or auto overclock or anything that makes the TDC max higher will fix this. I'm very interested if someone could explain why
  12. actually turning on "precision boost overdrive in ryzen master seems to fix it ? Now TDC is maxed out aswell but CPU is at 100% utilization and 3.8 ghz Can someone explain?
  13. Okay, I will provide more info: I Build the PC myself completely, everything was fine but thermals were terrible (stock cooler and case that doesn't really support airflow) I got a new CPU cooler and installed it today. That's where the problems started: First it was WAY too hot and i didn't know why, so i uninstalled, checked again, reinstalled. Then the thermals were fine, but I had boot issues, it wouldn't boot or randomly shutdown and the cpu LED was lit. I loosend the cooler screws, pulled the cpu-power cable out and plugged it back in and reset bios settings and now I can at least boot. But I have this problem now: CPU idles at 40-50° at 4.1ghz when under load it only manages ~60% load, is still <60° and only TDC is 100% and it throttles to 2ghz Motherboard: MSI X470 Gaming Plus Max w/ latest BIOS CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x