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  1. For my upcoming build I'm wanting to put in a 970 pro for boot and a 970 Evo Plus for other applications, and an 860 pro 4TB for game storage. Will the Crosshair VIII Hero be able to accommodate this configuration, and are (these) M.2 NVMe SSDs able to be used on x570 motherboards, which were designed for PCIE Gen 4? Also, does one M.2 Slot get disabled if I have the SATA SSD as well?
  2. Hey everybody, As the title says, I'm having trouble choosing between two GPU brackets for my planned PC build. The two choices are between the Bykski Universal GPU Aluminum support bracket (its dimensions being 250 mm in length by 33 mm wide) and the Mnpctech RTX series GPU support bracket (dimensions of approximately 323 mm long by 38 mm). Not sure if I'm allowed to put links in here as this is my first post and experience with this forum. Anyways, I like the look and the way lower price (17.95 USD vs 49.99 USD) of the Bykski bracket, but I'm worried that one, the bracket isn't long enough to support the full length of 328 mm of the card (possibly causing degrading of the shroud at the end of the card? IDK), and 2, the dip in price will sacrifice the quality of the product. Both are made of aluminum. So, what I'm asking is does anyone here have any experience with Bykski products? From what I've heard Mnpctech is well-trusted and I know they make good stuff. - Thanks