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  1. Health is a priority! But glad to ear you are doing ok
  2. Hello everybody! Lost a bit tracks of things over here because the citizen science project where I collaborate (Disk Detective), but nice to see what things are moving along with the Folding team since our team now is number 3! Don`t know when happened, but yay! In my case, slow but steady, still computing along
  3. Teams? Newbiw with this Pentathlon thing, how I join one?
  4. Not so bad por only having a bunch of old CPUs and one Geforce GT 1030, so just about to hit 1.1 millions... but at the current rate is going to take me some time for the silver F@H badge XD
  5. I was checking my F@H stats and... hopefully some of you will get the joke XD ... @GOTSpectrum (thanks, senpai for introducing me to folding )
  6. Yep, you are right in that regard, but also you are right before about the cooling being only marginally better, especially with the TPD of the Phenon X4 965 BE (140W) so kinda stuck... buuuuuut, I also have an old i5-2310 with a cooler what is reaching is end of life so, maybe I can buy the Air Frost 4 and worth case scenario use it later for that other machine.
  7. Thanks for the video! Here is the store: https://www.venex.com.ar/componentes-de-pc/coolers-y-water-coolers Even if Capital Cordoba is the second biggest city in Argentina after Buenos Aires, some things are hard to find locally.
  8. I was afraid of that... maybe... maybe I can strech to a Cooler Master H410R, but have doubts if the standard case where that computer is right now can accomodate that one, or maybe to replace the case for a Thermaltake V100 (similar price, around 50-55 u$d) first and the cooler later... I need to improve the termal of this machine since building a new and up to date system is going to be out discussion for the near future.
  9. Since this forum as a lot of people with quite more experience than I in cooling, what to ask a quick opinion: I'm checking the Aerocool Air Frost 4 RGB (link to the offcial page: https://aerocool.io/product/air-frost-4/ ) Cannot find a good review and wanted some opinions regarding the performance, is going to replace the (I think) stock cooler what my Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition is using (motherboard is a GA-880GM-UD2H), that thing is noiser as hell and cannot cool the processor enough when above 80% load. Why that one? Well, in summary, I live in Argentina and don't have too much money, that one sells here about 28-30 u$d, the next ones are at double that prize... so is pretty much a situation of buying that one is good enough improvement or leave that CPU like it is now.
  10. Uhmmm... the Marathon looks interesting, will wait to see what project goes there, too bad what Seti@home ended!
  11. Indeed, I`m a BOINC user since 2009 when I started with seti@home but didn´t pay too much attemtion to teams stats until recent times, was in a team but not paying too much attention. Between Seti@home ending and F@H and the lockdown, was a good moment to recheck all that and since last week I changed already 4 projects to LTT (Rosetta@home, WUProp@home (funny... I´m ranked 1 there in LTT lol),. Moo! Wrapper (number 4 in rank XD ) and now Einstein@home and this last one is the only one so far with a page what actually tracks when you joined a team... (this set of 4 is running 24/7 in the only computer what I have for the moment what can run F@H and BOINC at the same time without frying) I think what I already have more of 25k points on Moo! Wrapper since changing teams in April 11, since I was having 20.259.435 points on April 12 when I saved a screenshoot vs 20.285.771 today but.... maybe I should wait a bit more to ask for badges. In any case of fun to lear more about these things P.D.: Using HugoADL as user in 3, my full name in the rest of the projects)