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  1. Just picked up a 2600x and a B450 Tomahawk Max at Micro Center. Figured it was finally time to send the i5-4670K out to pasture. Yeah, I know the 3000 series are better, but I got the 2600x for $79.99US with the discount, pretty hard to pass that up. And I figure I can upgrade to 3700x after the 4000 series come out, and the prices drop. But I digress. So far, happy with the upgrade, but I do have an issue. Using the stock Wraith cooler, the 2600x sits in the upper 70s under load, sometimes moving up to the lower 80s. Been running Folding at Home on medium. Boosting up to around 4.1ghz. This is straight up Precision Boost, no overclocking. FYI: In a Cougar MX-330 case, with an EVGA GTX-1070 ti SC ($250US on Ebay), 3 case fans: 2 Cougar Turbine 1200rpm intake in front, and a Thermaltake tt-1225 1400rpm exhaust in the back, 16gig DDR4-3200 ram. I had a Hyper 212 EVO on the 4670k, overclocked to 4.2ghz, perfectly stable, and almost never left the 60s under load. Problem is the EVO needs a AM4 adapter, which are apparently almost impossible to get currently. Cool Master website says they will be back in stock in May. May! I was thinking of picking up a 212 Black or LED, but Cool Master straight up says on their website that it is not as good a design as the EVO (see attach). The EVO uses the Continuous Direct Contact design, while the Black and LED use the Direct Contact design, as well as almost all their other coolers, and most of the EVO clones. Why has Cooler Master forsaken the AM4 platform? And seem to be phasing out one of their best budget coolers? But I digress. So the question is, is it worth picking up a 212 Black or LED? Will I get the performance I'm used to from the EVO of old? Will either significantly improve over the Wraith stock cooler?