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    Coding, Computer Hardware, Microcontroller, Making janky DIY contraptions, helping people with tech problems, Simulation-, Sandbox-, Building-, Story-, Adventure-, Sci-fi-, Physics based and VR Games, RGB
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    Dude Playing around with electronics and fixing weird or simple tech problems of others or myself

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  1. But I'm not searching for trigger boards, I search for complete boards that are made to be directly attached to some 18650 Li-ion cells
  2. Hey LTT Community, I recently got interest in this 65W PD QC 3.0 etc. Powerbank from Aliexpress. Today my other 10W 10000 mAh power bank (with 6 3.6V 18650 Li-ion batteries) got the circuit blown and I opened it up to cut the connection to the batteries. Now I was thinking, why not just use the old one but with an appropriate Charging circuit, but I don't know how to find such thing, I found some good ones that go up to 12V PD, but none that goes up to 20V, can someone help me out there?
  3. Yeah that's my current thinking, I just don't know if people gonna buy it
  4. Idk but all performance problems I have seem to come from my cpu being at 100% while my GPU is chilling
  5. Wouldn't it just work with the same performance as on my laptop?
  6. I7 6700HQ Why? Some windows security stuff is using quite a bit, the one is called WMI Something and idk the other one anymore. And I said spiking, mostly it's 30%
  7. I'm planning so slowly get away from gaming notebooks and desktop PC, but I just spend a bunch on a gaming notebook from 2016 last year. It 1070 is fine for what I do, but the CPU is in comparison really bad, it spikes to 50% in idle and is normally on around 30% idle. So for my new PC I'm planning to start with the core components and then gradually upgrade. That means: Mother board, AMD Ryzen 3rd gen, Power supply, 16 GB Ram from Notebook with adapters, storage, including windows from my old laptop and now to my Question: Would it be possible, to use my Notebook as an external GPU until I will go and get a real one?
  8. I wanted to play VR again, today, but wasn't able to due to performance issues. Then i looked into Task Manager and found out, that the nvidia game clip thing is using quite a bit of gpu power. Then i was thinking, if you could maybe use for intel hd grafics for stuff like that, so you have your real gpu for games and stuff. Would something like this be possible? Oh and I didn't think when I chose the topic, this should rather go into computerhardware/grafics cards, I'm sorry, can I change that?
  9. FPC DisplayPort is the thing you have to search for if you want to search for similar options
  10. What about that? https://www.aliexpress.com/i/33026997720.html
  11. I've seen that USB 3.0 type a has five extra connections, so I thought it would be possible to, at least from the type a side. I didn't know that there is a circuit needed in between. Why isn't it just like connect + to +, d+ to d+ and all the other extras that USB 3.0 has to the corresponding one on type c?
  12. In today's LTT Video I saw an adapter like the one in the picture. I found it so cool, that I started thinking about, is there is something like this but with USB 3, the only thing I found was a USB 3 stick that's kinda slim, but not an type a port to type c adapter. So now the question, is there something like this?