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  1. According to the sheet your folding name is "silverydell". Both it and "Reagan1998" are not found at https://stats.foldingathome.org/donors
  2. Looking good from here now; 8144 participants total both Week 1 and Week 2, and apparently 3681 eventually qualifying ones. Found myself on all 3 sheets...
  3. The "Full Folding Data and Ranks" sheet seems to have some issues. The "Daily Stats Week 1" sheet hasn't anyone alphabetically past "2192 elfensky", the "Dailty Stats Week 2" one not past "3192 InvaderLin" --- and the "Final Summary" one has only 3681 rows, which may or may not be an issue; I suppose it could be the case that more did not end up qualifying. Those first two seem a problem though, assuming it's not just me / my system.
  4. Definitely fair enough in principle but I noticed earlier you were having an health issue. If handling 700 messages is the kind of chore it sounds like I would perhaps in this specific case suggest that anyone who'd not be comfortable sharing an email address should feel free to not claim. But, well, clearly up to you...
  5. By the way, I'm not sure you would need ideas from someone with no idea how you guys are set up, automation-wise, but handling 700 messages manually sounds like madness. For the initial event-signup you had a "Folding name / Forum name" form up that fed into a database / spreadsheet. If you'd now have winners signup similarly with "Either name / email address" upon seeing themselves in your announcement post, mailing out e.g. keys could probably be automated. As said, not sure that's useful to say/suggest, but just in case...
  6. Would have expected that to be referred to as PM rather than DM --- but thanks.
  7. Just so as for me to be able to follow this discussion, would someone be willing to specify what "to dm" is/entails?
  8. I was about to say it likely that you'd pass me again tomorrow if you'd get down to it but you seem to currently have 2M- points with 98 WUs vs. 3M+ for me with 80, both as per the EOC statistics. If you didn't just happen to get a lot more CPU rather than GPU WUs than me this seems to say you're on even less impressive hardware than I am. I have my [rgb=rainbow]gaming rig[/rgb] deployed; am however rather explicitly not a gamer, so, yes, well, what's one to do. You may be up for a hardware upgrade though?
  9. Yay. Now definitively busted into the Top 2000 (we all get to have our own little victories...)
  10. This blog for now doesn't seem to be going places certainly...
  11. Right. So returning to the original question/suggestion, would you feel this a good idea to add to the daily report sheet
  12. I'm still missing the idea it seems. Are you saying that indeed you will add the "total days active" column, or are you saying that it already IS trivially available from the sheet? Because latter I'm not seeing: the sheet only mentions today's points and the week total; I don't see how I could distill days-active from that --- unless you mean I'd manually run a test over each day's sheet and add.
  13. If I get what you're saying then whether or not the current day counts is (i.e., "Todays points" unequal 0) is already but not a running total of active days over the event, right?