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    Motorola 68000 7.16MHz
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    Amiga 500
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    DD Disk Drive
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    Dual Clicker
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    AmigaOS 1.3

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  1. you might have to go into your tv settings and disable the onboard audio for the digital out to work too
  2. unless that green port outputs audio, then you are only left with the optical audio out connection. Strange, many tvs have a 3.5mm or rca outputs on the back too, but yours only has optical. You can just get one of these too https://www.amazon.com/AMANKA-Amanka-DAC05-Digital-Analog/dp/B01MTPG6WX/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=Optical+In+Optical+Out+Receiver&qid=1593840278&sr=8-5
  3. no, you should try to match what you already have, but putting faster memory in is not going to hurt either, it will still just run as fast as the slowest memory you currently have in there
  4. qled is still just like lcd tv that uses led strips for the backlight in oled, each pixel has its own micro led which allows for better control, allow the led to be turned completely off oled is the better technology for your choices, paying over a $1000 more for some small improvements of the gx is not justified. but that is just me
  5. you can do that too, but skip the part about entering the key at the beginning of the install, I bet it automatically activates itself. You can always enter it, if need be, afterwards.
  6. more than likely, it will automatically activate based off your hardware id with MS without having to log on with the associated MS account which will allow you to just use the local account. This is just in my experience with installing / reinstalling windows a gazillion times. The only time having an associated account with MS helps out is where you reinstall windows but make some sort of major hardware change where MS no longer recognizes your machine. Then the MS account comes in handy
  7. on the motherboard next to where you plug in the front panel stuff like the power switch, reset switch, power led, hdd led, it usually says speaker and has a (+ -) next to it
  8. do you have a speaker plugged into the speaker output on the actual motherboard, (not the green audio output on the back)
  9. re-seat everything, maybe not your cpu, but, ram, harddrives, cables, etc. Try again... then reset your bios to defaults and make sure the boot drive is the drive with windows on it. Still problem? Get your install media (usb hopefully and boot from that, then choose repair, should be under advanced or somewhere in there. and mount the friggen harddrive to something, dont just let it lean on your CPU