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  1. Thank you so much, The model D seems like the better option for me. thanks again
  2. Yup, not all bmw drivers are dicks
  3. Agreed, the M4 was pretty perfect looking, those grills just ruined it
  4. What do yall think of the new M4?
  5. My old mouse is dying and am looking for a new one. I have narrowed the search down to the Razer Viper Mini and the Glorious Model D. Which one should I get? What are the pros and cons of the mice?
  6. JakkuPanda


    You are a wonderful person. Goodbye
  7. On a second thought maybe browns, since blues are so loud
  8. A tactile switch is something that i need, so reds are out
  9. I've heard silvers are gread but they are expensive, and I don't have much choice in my country.
  10. I tried blacks a few days ago, I didn't like the feel but the sound was fine,not clicky ofc
  11. Hello, I have been using a membrane keyboard for a while now and have been thinking of getting a Mechanical keyboard. I'm not sure which switch to get, I will be using the keyboard for normal, every day typing, but mostly gaming tho. I like the sound of blues, but am afraid that my parents will hate me if I get blues, another choice is browns, but they aren't clicky so I would not preffer those. Does anyone have suggestions?
  12. May have phrased it a bit wrong, meant where are they all, for ex, 2x side button
  13. I have been thinking of getting a new mouse for gaming. The Glorious Model D seems like a great option, but I cant figure out what all the 6 programmable buttons are, can someone help me?