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    Ryzen 1600 AF @ 4.15GHz
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    MSI B450 Tomahawk Max
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    2x8GB Corsair LPX 3200
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    EVGA GTX 1070Ti SC ACX3.0
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    NZXT H510
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    2x Asus 24" 1080p 60hz
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo Black
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    Reddragon K582 Surara
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    Microsoft Sidewinder
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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, I like the E-series, T450/T450S (with 1080p), but I think the dim display on the Motile would be a deal-breaker for them. How about refurbished? I wouldn't trust my parents to buy one used themselves and I am several states away from them. There's plenty of sites that appear to focus on refurbished laptops with 1 year warranties, but are those worth staying away from, or are some of them ok?
  2. My older parents are looking for a basic laptop to replace a very old desktop I built them over a decade ago, and they are quite tight on cash. I doubt they could possibly afford anything above $400, so I'd like to keep it under that. However, if there's something just slightly above that number that has a lot more bang for the buck, they might be willing to meet that number. They only plan to use it for web browsing, zoom meetings, watching videos, and text editing. As long as it's snappy enough, I think they would prioritize battery life over pure performance. What recommendations do you have? Thanks!
  3. Well build them of course. I'm working on plans for a farmhouse table, shoe rack, coffee table, end tables, drawer organizers, dresser, and Murphy bed.
  4. Adding to this, there are plenty of music artists that are doing live-streams from their own homes. It's a really unique experience to watch and are generally free (though donations are highly encouraged).
  5. I hope this turns into a landmark retaliation lawsuit that paves a way for more protections against things like this. It's illegal to fire someone for complaining about working conditions not meeting state or federal safety standards, and if there's not verbiage in there to cover for a literal pandemic, there should be. As much as I can hope though, I doubt it will come to fruition any time soon, especially with the courts stacked the way they are right now. On another note, I know plenty of people who used to work directly for or do subcontracts for Amazon. Amazon does all kinds of shady stuff behind closed doors where no recording devices are allowed, like holding meetings about how to prevent delivery drivers/warehouse workers from unionizing, and how to fire people and make it look like it's not retaliation. They break contracts with people that do work for them on the regular, and end up paying up small percentages of what they owe them because they know people need the money and they can pay lawyers to keep things tied up infinitely in court. They've also fired pretty much anybody that hasn't signed their more recent contracts, just so they could force any they re-hired to sign stricter contracts with all kinds of crazy non-compete clauses and such (what DOESN'T compete with Amazon... ). If there's one thing Amazon is good at, it's squeezing the people who work for them for everything possible. That's entirely how Bezos got so rich in the first place, and now he has decades of practice to know how to get away with it. Even in a time like this, the only way I could see things change is if it is forced through legislation, and even then, I'm sure they'll figure out new sleazy ways to do business.
  6. Learning to edit photos better using Gimp and Darktable, learning to do basic modeling in Blender, designing furniture in Sketchup, taking PADI online classes for scuba diving, learning Roll20 for running D&D campaigns online, and training on a hangboard for rock climbing for the first time.
  7. First video game: Duck hunt First PC game: Descent
  8. Here are some pictures of my faithful boy. He's my second rescue, and here he his in his three primary modes: play, adventure, and snuggle.
  9. @dange since you do photo and video editing, I'm surprised no one has asked you whether monitor color accuracy and gamut are important. Is that something you are looking for as well?
  10. The Half-Like remake Black Mesa has a pretty great soundtrack. If you like this one, you'll probably find many others that you'll love:
  11. From learning the hard way, if you purchase MDF furniture and end up having to move even once, you'll probably regret it. I got what looked to be a nice corner table about 5 years ago and within months the finish was rubbing off of it and no longer felt solid. Even worse, if you ever have to move, no matter how careful you are, you'll likely mess up something with the MDF where the assembly hardware goes, and MDF is easily eaten away by repeated screwing in and out. Even after removing a screw from MDF, you've probably lost close to a third of the material that the screw is supposed to bite into.
  12. @Idelly Welly Are you sure you're not a reseller? Your first post in this topic screams advertisement to me. Having a filter like that body-adjacent is a terrible idea for the ozone reasons @wkdpaul mentioned already, especially if you use one in that manner for any significant length of time. The worst part is that any health problems that would come from doing this would be chronic, so they'd creep up so slowly you won't notice any difference day to day, but then some time down the road, you'll suddenly wonder what happened that made you feel so consistently terrible all of the time. Ozone also damages lungs, so with current problems, I think this is the last thing you'd want to do. The bottom line is that using something like this is introducing a new and very certain problem to fight a potential existing one. You are much better off just wearing a cloth filter over your face than relying on something like this to filter the air around you, especially since an ionizing filter will basically make the particles in the air around you want to stick to you like a balloon you just rubbed on your head. Then, even if the smell goes away around you, it's because those same particles are now literally sticking to the outside of you. So imagine just how much mostly invisible garbage you are bringing home on yourself and your clothes. That's why hospitals don't rely on filters like these and instead use HEPA filters, because they actually remove particulates from the environment and are magnitudes safer.
  13. That's some info, but there's a lot more if you open Event Viewer, right click on 'Application' under Windows Logs, then use 'save all events as'. I've seen other people attach the file directly on here, so you shouldn't have to use pastebin.
  14. @AshRowdy Are you running Windows? If so, can you post an eventviewer log?
  15. Haha, well I wasn't expecting you to literally measure your ears, but since you did, for comparison, my ears are about 1.5" wide and 2.5" tall.