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  1. good news for me, my adapter & gpu is fine, bad news for you, mobo done 5 beeps and there was no display output, was a run through type A usb 3.0 i also gave it a go through type c connector on my main pc and the result was practically same, so it is a nono for you, let's consider this thread solved then
  2. hey again, i made the job for you so you can rest assured that your card does Not throttle :), (more info in a spoiler), my advice obviously still stays the same as the other 2 users here i believe, i already wrote lots of possible solutions so just take a look on them, have a nice day
  3. hey, i had a custom flashed 9800 GT from gigabyte, i made it stronger than an overclocked 9800gtx+, and it artifacted always whenever it exceeded 70s range(even on stock), solution was to raise the fan speed to the max, by that i mean that i am well enough familiar to old gpus, i also have ~7200 gt or around that number but it means nothing, flashed 9800 gt never died btw, sold the pc with it in around 2017, but that doesn't mean that it can't die, it just means that it got lucky, i am subscribed to one channel with bunch of old gpus reviews and most do die, most of 400 series didn't made it till today because of their heat issues. yes i saw that another forum even before i wrote my advice to you here, from a guy claiming that his gtx 470 was also at 93c which is rather strange that it's such a coincidence for you and him, very very big coincidence unless it just throttles at that point 105C safe can mean the shutdown of PC point, and not the start of the throttling(yes, card can have different throttling point & shutdown point, that is configured via bios), please follow the advice which i provided & check whether the card throttles or not via msi afterburner + rivatuner statistics server(if it throttles, you know what to do, if it doesn't, you can think of what to do), lastly, focus on your hardware please - that's your thread, not mine, if you just decided to live with it then you can ask some mod to close the thread despite 3 people's exactly same advice aka - try to cool it better, have a nice day
  4. hey, currently doing folding event but after it will end i can give it a try for you, i own the following - main pc - usb 3.1 gen 2 (supports additional +0.3V either to it or to nearby usb 3.1 gen 1) secondary pc - a generic usb 3.0 adapter #1 - usb 3.1 to nvme m.2 (pcie) (the adapter have both, type a and type c connectors, but type c is 2.0 unfortunately, on the adapter itself, got kinda scammed and never knew before that type c connector can be 2.0, it's type a is 3.0 luckily) adapter #2 - nvme m.2 (pcie) to pcie x16 (x4 effective since m.2 is x4) my main concern is that while it's fine to use something as low power as nvme m.2 ssd in usb adapter, it may not be fine at all to use it for some power hungry gpu, and i don't even want to try it on my main pc to see if it will work, for secondary though i may do the lock on watts draw of gpu(i have a bios for ~180ish R9 390 from around 280ish base , but that obviously is nowhere near enough, need to go lower here), in case if it will somehow end up working , , in best case it will not work at all or somehow will end up working, in worst case i'll kill the adapter or the usb slot also, i bought all that stuff off aliexpress and it's of high quality, even when got scammed on the type c connector (though i returned half the price after lots of complains and evidence in dispute) , didn't checked the first link in your post much but the latter 2 is definitely poor quality if anything
  5. hey, at 93C it may throttle itself down to avoid overheating (to check if it throttles or no you can open up some monitoring tool like msi afterburner which will report core clock on the live graph, not in numbers which you can modify, as well as if it's simply always 93& very occasionally goes to 94 & then back to 93 then it's definitely throttling) , and i would say constant 93C is bad, you reduce your gaming performance by a lot and spawn not wanted stutters from time to time, you have a couple of options to reduce that temperature down (also your pcie slot should be fine) 1. open up your case, extra airflow will help reduce the heat 2. add a couple of case fans as exhaust to remove the hot air from the case 3. replacing thermal paste 4. add some small fan right next to the gpu's side which have no fan, so that small fan will blow air on it and cool it down 5. open up your case & use pcie extension cable so that your gpu will be more close to cold air rather than being all the way down in the case where is little airflow 6. setup fan speed at 100% always but it most likely will not help alone 7. underclock & undervolt gpu a bit so that it will never reach throttling point and will provide you with better gaming experience, stable one, without any possible stutters gl
  6. definitely cpu or psu, one out of 2 :), low settings = harder for cpu , i'll explain why gpu is fine because it's maxing itself out whenever you use Ultra settings, you said so yourself, 83C during gaming is normal and that's not a throttling, it would throttle only on 90 or 94 (most cards do) if you will switch low to medium - most likely your fps will barely change , maybe will not even change at all, simply because it just can't go above the ~160 or how much you said it was why it may be cpu ? - refuses to go to stable 240fps why it may be psu ? - 12v rails may be poor towards cpu or it can't really handle high load on the cpu + gpu together stable due to either poor 12v or 500w why it's not gpu - it works fine whenever you play on Ultra, goes to high 83C on ultra while stays on 60s whenever you play on low because it simply can't go above 60s due to the cpu or psu can't exceed the 160fps which holds the card down, your card does not overheat, neither on it's 60s neither on it's 83s why it's not gpu#2 - most likely on medium, low-medium, or medium-high you will have around the same fps as on all low i own a ryzen threadripper 1920x and it's max fps potential is much lower than an i7 7700 in games, in most of them at least, most will hit a wall after 100~120fps mark. before that i owned an 6700K and for it to reach 144fps in older titles was easy, but not something as heavy as AC Odyssey or watch dogs 2 sure r7 1700 is a bit better for gaming than mine but it's still will hit a wall at around the same fps as the mark which i wrote above in most of the titles, even when being better than tr1920x basically 240stable fps for a cpu is really hard in Some games, some others may go as high as 1~3k fps e.g. osu! for the highest possibility of hitting the stable 240 in every game or at least most of them i would suggest you to get the very latest Intel processor since they outperform Amd in single thread score generally , and 8 16 is plenty for gaming (new 10th generation intel also soon will be out) , and some higher watts 80+ psu, your ram is really good. i will just leave this here to give you some idea of what may be happening on your end , the guy uses 2080 ti and a 7700K, not just 7700 , yet as you can see, the CPU struggles to go above ~140ish fps in most of titles there even when gpu still have some %'s free, sure they are much much heavier titles than the one which you play however yours also is lower GHz, the GPU also doesn't matter that much because it can't be utilized fully anyway, notice the gpu load on both sides, it's not full on either of them, lowering the ingame settings or resolution would give a bit more fps but not much, simply because the gpu already is resting. - offtopic: somehow threadripper 1920x have more fps in league of legends though, i assume it's because the game's engine since around 2017 got changed and it made it so that every cpu above 2 cores doesn't really boost the fps much (thus all the streamers which you can find, even the ones on 6700k~9900k do lack stable 144fps, they even reduce some settings to reach it or get as close as possible(lower ingame resolution also helps but just barely), because reduction of ingame settings/resolution may only give around 5fps since it's cpu, this isn't really being widespread so don't laugh on me, instead google "can't maintain 144fps league of legends", since it affects all the cpus that even some old i5 or r3 are ~matching the r7/i7/i9)
  7. no it's not, overpriced a lot, you can go with the R5 1600 (AF) from the link which SavageNeo & mikeike951 posted, the 1600 (AF) is actually an R5 2600 , just with 0.1GHz less or around that, aka it's stronger than the R5 1600 , even when it's being named R5 1600 on amazon , the ram which SavageNeo & mikeike951 posted is also a great value so you can go with either of these, as for mobo, you can go with either the one which mikeike951 posted, or with any decently looking vrms 8pin b350~b450 mobo starting from ~60usd , i would avoid the asrock 4pin mobo since i own AB350M-HDV in one of my systems , which is also 4pin, and max it can do for R5 1400 is a 3.6GHz all core OC, on a really high 1.35V and cold temps(when guys on YT get 4.0 or 3.9 or even 3.8, i can't even do 3.65) , i assume their b450 4pin is not much of a difference do note that if you will go with some ab/b350 though then that certain mobo may require a bios update first to support the r5 1600af , but may not as well, depends with which bios it will be shipped to you
  8. i think the gpu is fine, it's just that completely stable 240fps is very hard for a CPU, even for the 7700 , especially on a 3.6GHz , sometimes as the Jurrunio said - updates mess up the game's fps..