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  1. Just curious. Does anyone know any of the St. Louis School of Medicine staff working with folding, or any bio researchers working on a vaccine? Would be nice to know how much our folding are helping.
  2. Ah i see. My GPU's are working on WU's from that range... Well they are waiting for "FahCore Update" still....
  3. Of course not. Just want to prioritize at the moment, i am running every computer i have for this.
  4. Question: Under FahControl/Advanced/cause preference, no Covid19 listed? Is folding for Covid still a thing? How do i set such a preference?
  5. they get a bit of priority, and may skip some levels of animal testing. The approval process should also be a bit more fast paced. Hopefully less than a year in total.
  6. Dont know if this is relevant, but they have a potential vaccine for the virus now, they just need time for testing and approval.
  7. One of my desktops are stuck at "FahCore update". isostream stream error: access denied. Anyone knows how to solve this?