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    Cougar-FYC- got a reaction from Paul Rudd in FREE Steam Game Valued at $11.99 April 4th   
    Thanks !
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    Cougar-FYC- got a reaction from Alienware 15 R2 in Show off your old and retro computer parts   
    C80186-3 is a 16-bit 80186-based microprocessor designed by Intel and manufactured by AMD. This chip operated at 8 MHz and was enclosed in a 68-pin Ceramic Leadless Chip Carrier.
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    Cougar-FYC- reacted to MyFaceIsAMoon in 5700XT worse then my 10603gb   
    Man just go with a RTX card in my experience I feel like there more supported. Brand new power supply brought it for the 5700 XT haha. I’m so sad 
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    Cougar-FYC- got a reaction from Trippsy in CPU Cooler Recommendations   
    Scythe Mugen 5 Rev.B. or Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 
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    Cougar-FYC- got a reaction from WaldorfMan in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    8700k , Corsair 115 280mm cooler . Asrock x370 Gaming K6 , 8 x 4 gskill 3200 , MSI GTX 1070 ti , XPG 8200 512 nvme(boot), intel p600 1tb nvme ,2 tb firecuda (steam) 4 x 3tb Hitachi 7200 sata 6 gig drives ,Corsair HX1050 power supply ,Thermaltake Core X71 Case ,LG 32UD60 4k monitor