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  1. ah I read that amd stock paste was conductive. I'm honestly just worried about losing my cpu. I can replace my mobo but another 3700x would be tough to swallow
  2. Its amd stock paste. I read it was conductive and thats why I'm scared. I was looking at upgrading the mobo anyways lmao
  3. so I was taking off my wraith stock cooler to install my new scythe fuma 2 when some of the stock thermal paste got stuck in the socket holes. I tried gently cleaning with a needle and 70 percent isopropyl and that's about as good as i can get it. (See pics). Worried ro try it cause i don't wanna fry my 3700x, should I be ok or just go get another mobo? Thanks
  4. Hey guys, So I'm running a Ryzen 7 2700x with an asus b450-f gaming mobo and 32 gig (4 x 8gig) of corsair lpx 3200mghz ram. With only 2 sticks thing runs like a dream at 3200 with just D.O.C.P but with all sticks highest I can get reliably is 2400 with 1.390 Dram voltage and 1.1 SoC. Is it a cpu or mobo limitation? I'm also looking for a stable 24/7 overclock as I render alot and they typically take 5 to 6 hours. Thanks guys.
  5. Hmm thats not bad. Definitely gonna look deeper into the fuma. Thanks.
  6. Hm, true. And its not as heavy so hopefully less wear on my board. Could I get a decent oc with it though?
  7. Yeah. I've been leaning towards the be quiet cause why not go all out lol
  8. Hey guys, So I'm currently running a ryzen 2700x with the wraith cooler which keeps Temps in check for the most part but im sick of having a jet engine next to my head. I want a cooler thats quite and would allow for a bit of overclocking as I'm usually pushing my cpu to the limit anyways. Stuck between the Fuma 2 and the dark rock 4 pro as the fuma is good and cheap while the drp4 is more future proof when i decide to upgrade later on. Ram is corsair lpx so thats not an issue and my case can fit both (corsair spec alpha)
  9. Do you have 2 or 4 sticks? For me the 2 worked just fine, it when it was all 4 that things got wacky. I also have an Asus board so its probably not them with the good support lmao
  10. yeah it only seems to boot at 2666 which sucks. Anyway I can maybe boost voltage?
  11. Yup. Only boots at 2666. Which sucks cause I paid so much for nice ram lmao. Can I work with the voltage to maybe bring it up?
  12. So originally I had 16 gigs on vengeance lpx 3200 mhz memory in ny system (Ryzen 2700x w/ Asus Strix b450-F mobo) which worked great but I wanted more. So I bought another 16 gig kit and stuck em in but when I tried to boot at 3200 it just wouldn't. Boots and works fine at 2100 but just won't boot at 3200. Is it a mobo issue or am I just hitting my boards limitations?
  13. Yeah its plastic. So the pressure won't hard the solder joint?