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  1. Hey, I got an intel AC8265 card in my pc. I have two questions. I have an AC router, is it worth it to upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 only on my pc? Would there be any speed difference (I download very often heavy files)? Would the AX201 interface compatible with my AC card? Thanks in advance P.S. I download on other devices at about 75-95 mb/s and on my AC8265 at about 30, and no, running an Ethernet cable is not an option.
  2. The 2070 is slightly better (like 4%). Your cpu should't be a bottleck so if you find a cheaper 2070 go for it. If the 2060s is cheaper in your country than you should go with that
  3. my specs are in the signature, i get low 50 high 40fps high
  4. Maybe there are some windows update processes in the background. Wait a little bit and you'll see it will get back to normal
  5. I have a Dell 60hz Monitor (P2219H) and I overclocked it @80hz. Will it reduce its lifespan or cause any damage to it?
  6. yes it is perfectly fine (I have it with a 2060s as lenovo screwed me with their power supply)
  7. I have to buy a new pc. There is a good offer on the lenovo T540-15ICB. Do you think this is a good machine? Thanks, Jack
  8. try to update windows with windows update. If it happens again download the windows 10 installation media creation tool to manually update windows without loosing files: you can download the attached file or use the link here. https://www.microsoft.com/en-Us/software-download/windows10 MediaCreationTool1909.exe
  9. Hey, My name is Jacopo and I am from Italy. I love LTT and TechLinked. I watched their videos for about 3 years now and find them really interesting and instructive. I need an advice. My ex-daily driver got too old, the battery lasts 50 minutes with the lowest brightness level and the windows energy saver on, so I have to change it. If you want to know it is a Lenovo Ideapad 100-15ibd with an i5-5200u, 4gb of ram, a 920m and a 512gb Samsung SSD, which I bought as with the HDD was a pain launching even chrome. I am on a budget of about 1000 to 1300€ max. 1500€ and the laptop must have some characteristics: it has to be light, and the battery life has to be at around 6 hours on a single charge. The graphics card should be in the neighbourhood of a 1060-6gb or a 1070, as I have to run a pretty demanding flight simulator. A sleek design is a must as I have to bring it to school, and I don't want everyone in class to turn their heads to look at the laptop, even though I don’t mind an RGB keyboard. P.S. I am sorry if the phrase construction is wrong, but I speak Italian and I am not very good at writing in english. Thank you very much, Jack.