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  1. anyone got one??? I'm curious, with the front distribution plate fitted into the Lian Li 011d XL does the pump position prevent the installation of fans on the side of the case? Im planning to buy my water cooling parts bit by bit with the last of my fans next week, i have 3 x QL 120mm for the top, i need to buy 3 more for the bottom and i single for the rear. In my head i was going to get 3 more for the side mounting but its suddenly occured to me that the position of the pump my prevent the fans being installed there. I dont mind asthetically if they aren't i just dont want to buy them and not need them Cheers
  2. i was going to go 60mm on the bottom and 38mm in the top
  3. Hey guys I have a 011d XL case running a 3950x and what will eventually be a 3080. Im planning to water cool the lot slowly getting all the parts over the next couple of months. I am deffo goint with the large front water distribution plate from EK and their CPU Water block but they are purchase for further down the road. Corsairs QL fans have started to arrive and populate the system and i will be up to 10 of these by the end of the month, making my next purchase the rads There are 3 fans at the top, bottom and side and in my head i just planned for 3 rads for each section but is that overkill??? Im deffo going to go with 2 at the top and bottom but its dawned on me that with massive front distribution plate do i need 3 rads. 2 x 360 vs 3 x rads are there tanagble gains/loses in cooling at this point? without the 3rd rad there is still going to be a tremendous amount of water in the case with a long travel and 6 QL Fans activly cooling the 2 Rads..... will i gain much if anything from the 3rd rad
  4. 1903, thats odd winver is reporting 1909, im updating it to 2004 now but if push comes to shove i'll reinstall fresh again if needs be i just ran it through Cinebench 15/20 and heavens benchmark and they all complete without issue and i installed warframe on it and that runs fine I saw OSE.exe in the minidump, hope your right. If i was to pause updates for 7 days would that essentially render ose.exe dead and in theory if you right the problem should stop..... thanks for the reply
  5. its a brand new install as of this morning and the 2nd install on a different ssd in two days it boots fine and can be fine for upto as much as 8hrs but its also had an issue after 5mins, its super random
  6. Hey peeps Got an old HP Elite out of work with an i7-860 in it. i have put a ssd in it and bought a second hand 750ti in it, theres current12gb of RAM in it. Its set to be a small gaming rig for my 10year old nephew. Its randomly just dying, its chugging along fine no apparent issues, its not thermal throttling CPU isn't being hammered, RAM usgae isn't through the roof. Somethines its just sat there and off it goes, BSOD and it comesback. I have a load of bits lying around so i have tried a different PSU, different GPU, i have a load of old DDR3 and have tried various combinations of 8,12 & 16gb or RAMs with different sticks, i have tried two installs of Win10 on 2 different SSDs, i have replaced all the SATA cables The windows memory diagnostics reports no issues & i have attached a text readout from the latest mindump Does anyone have any ideas of where i can go next? i'd appricate some suggesstions bc.txt
  7. Cheers guys for the advice lots to think about
  8. I have just ordered a Lian Li 011d XL, i'm going to transplant my rig into it Its going to be Water Cooled but i'm in no rush after just building the PC (and because my wallet hates me) so over the next few months buy parts i need to build the water cooling system. Im set on the EK-Quantum Momentum for the Crosshair VIII as my starting point & build it from there Should i / Have to buy all the parts from the same manufacturer? Ive no reason not to i like the EK parts i'm seeing so may just stick with them but is an 360 Radiator from EK really any different from someone else 360 radiator? Are all G1/4 threads cut to the same standard from one to another? Are EKs fittings as good and better/worse then brand X? if i see a fitting that i like from a different brand can i use that instead I'm trying to plan ahead now so a) i don't cause any unnecessary leaks or damage & b) just want to know if i can mix or match
  9. Hey peeps Im supprised theres no RGB section to the forum so sorry if this is being asked in the wrong place I have Corsair iCUE installed controlling & Managing my H850xi PSU and my 32gb Vengeance Pro RAM. Due to a faulty MB issue i have changed from a Aorus Master to an ASUS ROG Crossfire XIII but i am now seeing and can control the ASUS board RGBs onboard LEDs through iCUE and it appears that i'd be able to control anything plugged into the headers as well. A quick google and it appears that in Feb Corsair and AURA are now in fact compatible and AURA MBs are in fact support in iCUE. Does this mean anny AURA compatible device i buy and connect to the motherboard will also be visible to and be controlable using iCUE? I am getting ready to drop all this rig into a Lian LI 011d XL and am planning to use EK water blocks and kit to water cool it, will all those parts (which support AURA) be seen through iCUE now? Cheers
  10. I tried that myself, i have seen that happen before on other builds. PSU tested as faulty as well
  11. Cheers The connections are all sound and the case grommets are all in place so theres no PSU cables rubbing against edges or corners. The UPS plugs into a mains socket which i have tested as good, im in the UK so everthing is earthed indivually and the UPS plus into that socket. My router, NAS, a small netgear switch and a single monitor plug into the UPS and none of them had any issue during the failure Ive done plenty of builds in the past, i recently used 3 of the smaller Aorus mini-itx boards for PCs in work and they are all fine, i have just never had this kind of failure before and the fact it happened twice had me concearned especially cause it my own money
  12. Hey Bought a bunch of new components, 3950x, Gigabyte X570 Master, Corsair HX750i, 32gb RAM ans 2 seagate M.2 drives Turned up and after 9 days the MB died, sent it all back for testing and was told the MB was dead, all sent back 16 days go by and the same again. The MB was dead again, i had concearns over the PSU which they had tested and this time they said it was indeed faulty. I insisted the change the MB to an ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero and due to a lack of stock they upgraded the PSU to a HX850i. In my head i now feel that the motherboard died due to a faulty PSU and thats why i went through 2 boards and both have been replaced. The CPU, RAM and M.2s have been fine all along. Its all put back together and working, there are no thermal issues and its not overclocked (other the XMP for 3200mhz RAM) The first failure happened with no UPS and the second it was plugged into a UPS, the only thing plugged in is an anker USB HUB and it connects to my AV Reciever via TOS-Link Have i been really unlucky getting a bad PSU that killed two boards or is there something else that might have caused it? I have never heard of a component being faulty and killing a MB but remainined working itself, the CPU & RAM are fine, my 1080 has been fine all along Is there anything else i could test or do as a preventative measure or anything i should be watching out for that might cause an issue, i have become super paranoid that i am going to have to rebuild this again Cheers
  13. I have, they are going to let pay an extra £20quid on the cost of the ASUS AMD Ryzen X570 ROG Crosshair VIII Hero To be fair to Scan (reseller in the UK) they have been really good about all this but my frustrations at all this has my blood boiling....... and brandy isn't cooling it down strangely enough
  14. I'd love some feedback on this I bought the following AMD Ryzen 9 3950x Aorus X570 Master 32gb DDR4 3200MHZ RGB Vengeance 2 x 500gb Segate Barracuda PCI-e GEN 4.0 M.2 Drives Corsair HX750i PSU Noctua NH-14 This all went into/with my existing Fractal Design R5 MSI 1080 2 x 2.5" Corsair 240gb SSD All arrived (soooo excited) built the machine fired her up & basked in the glory, i was soooooo happy...... for about 9 days. I installed Paint.net.... nothing spec or hardware related..... but am a stickler for restarting after a software install so did just that, mid re-boot it just went off and never came back, loads of testing later and the Motherboard is toast. My reseller had all of the components back to check nothing else had been damaged and they weren't and i got my motherboard replaced and after a six day turn around i had all my parts back and woooohoooo she was backup and running Until last night Its been 16 days since i rebuilt her, she ran perfectly fine and there were no signs of any problems, with the exception of a little subnautica on Sunday i did nothing stressful (rig wise) and around 10pm last night i shut her down and went to bed. This morning i went to turn on the PC and nothing AGAIN and again after some testing the MB is dead and for the second time it stripped down. I have tested the CPU, RAM & SDD's they are all fine, tried a different PSU and nothing, the motherboard for the second time is toast. The PSU does work but i am wary of it and sending that back for testing as well. I have been in touch with my reseller and again they are sending a courier to pick the motherboard and PSU up, with the failure of the same board twice i have lost faith in the Aorus and asked to swap it for a ASUS ROG X570 instead. Have i been really unlucky here or is there something more sinister going on? I get that electronic failures happen but the same model board twice the same way?. Being so much more powerful then the I7-3770 it replaced i still have that new toy feeling where everytime i put it under load i had performance manager open along with Hardware info... it never thermal throttled, but EVEN if it had could a CPU that had run hot kill a MB? I had to update the BIOS to enable the XMP profile to allow the RAM to hit its maximum speed I have a USB3.0 Anker Hub plugged into it along with the Oculus Rift Sensors (not the headset) the USB dongle for the Keyboard & Mouse, An XBOX controller USB Dongle EVERY other component is working but could one of these cause an issue? The GPU is the oldest unit its working fine i have tried it in another PC and there's nothing wrong with it ran Heavens Benchmark fine but could that or any other component cause a MB to pop without taking itself or any other component out..... twice!!!! This whole rig runs behind a APC 1400 UPS its surge protected, They have previously tested the PSU from the first round and they can find nothing wrong with it, neither could i but i cant help but be wary of this now, could there be a problem here where there's some sort of cumulative build up leading to an issue that ONLY kills the MB (Ive never heard of anything like that) What do we think peeps have i just managed to stumble upon the worst batch of AORUS boards ever? have i done something wrong? Bear in mind this all ran fine for 9 days the 16days before failure its not like it was turned on and went pop out of the box. I could really use some feedback Cheers
  15. Cheers guys Yes im using 2 sticks, they are in A2 & B2, the board labels them as the first two slots to use so i am happy they are right. I'll give those BIOS settings a try.....