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Everything posted by cbigfoot

  1. Well I hit 300,000,000 with LTT. woot!!! (note: I cropped out the other teams)
  2. well i am folding again...the transformer for my neighborhood blew up(may be slight exaggeration but did sound like a canon was fired) yesterday morning and i forgot to check on bender after power was restored so bender got a 26 hour rest thanks to sense energy monitor for noticing the change in always on energy consumption for cutting 450watt out of my usage in the last 24 hrs.
  3. Cost...cost...cost...All has to do with the price points. Lower the price point the higher the performance the more I will upgrade. If anything I will probably at least add a big Navi to the fray and retire My 580 And maybe just maybe Add a 3060.
  4. i hope its - before the launch (keeps it fair :P) - during cold times...its 75 out today (been ~upper 80-90s recently) and also damn humid (Thunderstorms in area) - Cures Covid-19
  5. yeah well i was surprised to see you that close in my review mirror luckily my 3900x hade ~600K PPD and the 1700 had ~250-300k PPD to help me accelerate ahead or i would have been clawed to death...
  6. ahh was like i didn't see anything special on ltt or f@H twitter. well maybe they will reassess it and give us retroactive credit and break the challenge lol, joking BTW (i think)
  7. @Zberg im glad i added more power the last day and a half...would have been very close if i didnt... what i miss on twitter?
  8. As am i, bender is running 2 cards and that's it for now...when temps allow calculon and flexo will join in.
  9. i saw that lol...hey gotta let me win on for once lol...it not like i wll be able to keep up when the 3k series ship...:(
  10. we shall see...time to cool down my 86 Degree Room
  11. with that psu you should be able to ues a 2070s and a 3070
  12. lol well i added some more power to my folding to make sure you stay in your place...well some of the CPUS are disappointing lol but my 3900x isnt lol...so it will be running through the night...
  13. well i may have to be the little engine that tried lol im saving up for the cyber truck lol...if i do upgrade will be to a 3060 or comparable price wise. aint spending the 3070 or 3080 money...i will also take donations of lightly used 2080s lol...
  14. well sober Kerbal is easy lol...drunk/buzzed makes it challenging...
  15. on my lsptop i stop the client due to thermals lol...my desktops can keep rocking but yeah
  16. i killed ~20 Mechjebs but did successfully launch 10 satelites lol 10/30 not too bad when you doing crazy stuff with it. most where ruds as was not sober when playing and didnt check staging lol...had SRBs hit the VAB like a missle thou...once on purpose...
  17. in the PERFECT world it is...this world is far from perfect lol
  18. hey i HAVE to got my KSP time in or i will go CRAZY...