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  1. Hello all, I read the first post in the thread and then went to the latest posts and went back a few pages and I did not see my answer, so here it goes: I have a 2070 super. Right now I could choose to upgrade to a 2080 ti (by selling the 2070) or I could buy another 2070 and sli link them. from what I’ve found there can be a better performance boost using two 2070’s than just one 2080ti, though not all games can use this headroom. Can someone confirm which would be the better/best choice? My main goal is gaming, with some secondary 3D rendering on Blender. my current setup is i7 8770k. With 32gb ram. I try to play on a 4K monitor at 60 FPS. bonus question, the two main games I am planning to buy this for is Star citizen and Cyberpunk. If you want to filter your answer with some hard detective work please do!