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  1. Thank you for the feedback, this helps a lot.
  2. Thanks, I will take this into consideration!
  3. Hello LTT community, I recently am thinking of buying a 5700xt that I am pairing with a R7 2700x, and I have a few questions: How good is the 5700xt? Any comparison with any other modern gpu is fine (I.e. etc 2060, Gtx 1080, etc) also some FPS stats from popular games is also appreciated. How are the drivers? I’ve seen some stories about the 5700xt being unstable, loud, and crashing a lot, but that was a few months back, so I was wi friend how they are doing now. Finally, will my 2700x bottleneck the gpu? It’s running stock cooler and clocks (will OC when my cooler arrives) In games like war zone, pubg, fortnite etc, how will the rig perform? (16gb 3000 MHz ram, idk what else is relevant for pure game performance) I thank you for your time and wish you a good day, cheers