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  1. hey again, then can you help me how to force game with windows launch options? I dont really know how
  2. do you mind telling me how to do that? If you have time, thanks.
  3. well i play my games in fullscreen but still same thing, so there is no fix , right?
  4. what is ddu ? I'm not that great at computers
  5. Hello guys, recently I upgraded to a 144hz monitor and I wanted to keep my 60hz one to be a second monitor for twitch chat etc,but when I use it my FPS are so bad in games and I have a mode on my 144hz one that it is showing my Hz and when I use the second one while the 144hz one is running the Hz on the 144 one are going crazy down, how can I fix it? Because I know it is something from the AMD graphics card, i'm not that good with their software, i used to have a Nvidia GPU, any tips? Where is the setting ? This new Adrenaline 2020 its kinda blowing me away
  6. Thanks, ill see if it keep continue tomorrow , i Also updated the ram
  7. Why does the computer does this after i turn it on after a while ? I changes the ram to 3000mhz, for some Reason i cant put more MHz because if i do it will restart 3 times and it will set automatically to2 133 MHz , the motherboard can Take 3200mhz , but i can only use 3000 for some Reason but i want to Find out why it turns Off for a few seconds after first power on after a night of not using , thanks !