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  1. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01127D0MY/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This is the exact one I have, would 600w be powerful enough to replace it with? It sucks I am unemployed now and the returns to amazon closed mid march.
  2. I Had this problem when I first built my system (I will list everything I have done to troubleshoot) I get random restarting, no BSOD, during gaming. It "went away" now its back. To give context I managed to stream Destiny 2 with OBS streamlabs @50fps while the game ran on max graphics limited to 99fps (dipped to 80 during heavy sections) no stutters 3 benq monitors with spotify running. NOW it's came back can't run destiny by itself without restarting System Ryzen 3 3200g (stock cooler) originally overclocked to 4000 @1.375mhz (in BIOS) AsRock B450 Pro4-f evga classified gtx 980 ti ,the system was built mid febuary and the 980 was added after (this was the only pre-owned part in the build) and previously was tested with a gtx660 too Crucial ballistix 2 x 8G 3200mhz x4 120mm chassis fans (x2 EVGA x1 Noctua x1 CIT ) Notua fan controller EVGA 600w 80plus White PSU CIT 7 case Troubleshooting I have done- ALL bios and drivers up to date and checked reseated RAM ran Memtest86 (no errors) refitted GPU cleaned entire system refitted all cables fitted Noctua Fan controller had all fans running on performance mode to cool system further removed/reinstalled MOD software for ram Enabled XMP profile @3200 & 3133 mhz Disabled XMP profile @3200mhz Set overclock voltage to 1.35 in BIOS Set clock speed to standard in BIOS Disabled overheat protection in BIOS Changed Win power settings high/balanced/ custom Changed max cpu power to 95% (this seemed to work but performance was hindered) Used Different gaming graphic settings tried different monitors used different GPU ports removed all non essential USB peripherals reinstalled all drivers ran windows repair ran furmark numerous times - only crashed once out of at least 10 times enabled minidump - no logs appear disabled Vega graphics Updated Windows 10
  3. I'll have a lot of time on my hands now to check this out, I'm going to rearrange my gear then I'll see how it goes. Thanks guys
  4. I was/am getting crashes and I don't know where there would be a log of what actually caused it, I had a temp GTX660 in it and it didn't get that hot or crash, since I put in the 980ti its started. I'm up to date with all drivers etc. but I only have a CIT 7 case which hasn't got a lot of space between the GPU and the PSU and the side panel is red hot when it crashes, So I essentially I could be causing the problem by making it more complicated than it has to be? I don't have actual temperatures from when the system crashes as I don't know where I would get a log of it. I set things to hit a max of 70degs. I'll uninstall and start over, getting rid of ASRock A-Tuning has also made things run smoother. Does that make sense? I'm learning on the fly and tech has moved on a LOT since I last had a PC
  5. They are system crash hot, just after something that can control fans on the case, Cpu fan and Gpu fans in one package rather than risk more conflicting software. EVGA precision caused crashing on my system that MSI afterburner hasn't.
  6. I picked up a 980ti classified for £200 posted, sure you could find something like that over there if you hunted, Mines all new build apart from the 980ti similar build to yours and it runs things well
  7. I am 90% sure that my ASRock tuning software, Bios settings and Ryzen Master do not get on well as they are overlapping in some areas, I would like something that would link the fan controller on my EVGA 980ti classified to the MOBO controlled fans as since I installed it my system is running HOT. ATM I have 2 EVGA fans from the MOBO. I'm new to building rigs so be gentle with me and I have a lot of time on my hands I have an ASRock b450 pro-4f with a Ryzen 3 3200g running at 4ghz
  8. I'll price them up, I should have stayed with my gut and gone logitech as my previous logi mouse still works after 13-14 ish years
  9. Not going to slate Razer etc. the drivers don't install and I've done everything that tech support have suggested. I think I might just go for something else. Budget isn't good due to unemployment so I'm looking at £35ish the g203 looks a good option but I'm not too clued up on mice. Its for gaming mainly but I don't need a lot of buttons like the MMO ones
  10. Scottish west coast?

    1. rofulton


      Yeah, Campbeltown in Argyll

  11. I think I might have bought more hassle than it is worth, I think I'll stick them on ebay for cheap and be more careful next time
  12. Hi first post here, I have done my first full build and as expected I've hit a few speed bumps. I have bought 2 5 pin CIT Raider fans that I want to connect (don't worry I have 2 EVGA "real" fans connected) the RGB/Fan headers on the board are just 4 pin and putting "4 pin 5 pin" etc into ebay comes up with a million things. Is there an easy fix for this? I understand these are more for show than cooling. I have not had a lot of luck recently having also bought a razer deathadder elite after being recommended it and it isn't recognised by razers overblown software :| I would appreciate any help