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  1. And.. easy fix. The included Dell DisplayPort cable wasn't capable of displaying a full 165hz signal, but Dell must have rigged up some ability for the monitor to forcibly display 165hz (164 with free/gsync enabled) with a displayport cable attached no matter what. Just swapped the cable for a DP1.4 cable (the bundled cable is 1.2), and the problem is resolved, now running full resolution at 164hz with zero text rendering problems. As an aside note for anyone finding this thread in the future: The included HDMI cable was able to display full resolution at 144hz, but not anything higher. This also means you will not be able to fully enable freesync or gsync, as this requires a DP cable.
  2. Other text is generally poor also at 165hz, it's rendered with less fidelity overall - it's just an extreme effect on dark bg red text. For now I'll keep the display at 137hz and try some other tests later today.
  3. 1st - No luck 2nd - No luck 3rd - The only options I have are 60 or 165hz. If i set a custom resolution in the Nvidia control panel for 144hz, the screen blacks out and displays no image. So I started gradually setting resolutions with various refresh rates starting at 60hz. The highest I could go was 137hz, and after that, the screen blanks out at every resolution EXCEPT 165hz. However, at 137hz, the text rendering issue is gone. 4th - No luck. Edit: Thanks btw!! Appreciate it. Any thoughts on how to fix the rendering issue at 165hz?
  4. So I received my S3220DGF yesterday - so far, so good... Ish Looks great doing pretty much everything other than rendering text. I've been trying to figure out what the problem is here but can't find a solution... I've found the problem is EXTREMELY pronounced with red text on a dark background - this is what I'm talking about: https://imgur.com/yMe5zCy The only difference is 60hz vs 165hz in that image... Is my display faulty? Is it a driver issue? Any advice is hugely appreciated!! Some other details: GSYNC is enabled on my GPU (GTX 1070) Freesync is enabled on the monitor Turning them off changes nothing. & I'm using the bundled DisplayPort cable that came with the monitor.