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  1. I figured if I connected through digital to the amp it would use the amps DAC instead of the MoBos. And I was wondering if the amp DAC was better or how much better in that case. The corsair speakers don't have any DAC in them as they only accept analog input
  2. I just bought a paid of Corsair sp2500 speakers and was wondering if there would be any benefit of connecting them through my amp with a Spidif? (I would use a line out on the amp to not have to bother with volume on it) The amp is a Yamaha RX-v620. Cnet says the DAC is 24bit / 96kHz Would there be any sound quality improvement over the DAC built into my mobo (MSI matx b450 Mortar)
  3. i think it should work, the record should give a line output and i would jsut connect that to the RCA in on the SP2500
  4. I just purchased a Corsair sp2500 used for 50$ and was wondering if it could be a good idea to use my home A/V amp's DAC for them? I would run a Spidif Cable from the PC to the amp and use one of the Record RCA out connections on the amp (to get a line out and not have to worry about volume on the amp) and run that to the speakers. Would that be worth it? Other benefits include being able to use my TV speakers for the pc if i want to play or watch movies on the TV. My amp is an old Yamaha RX-V620 and the DAC is 24bit / 96Khz according to Cnet. The cable run would not be annoying since the TV and PC is right next to each other. So what i'm really asking i guess is if my Amp's DAC is good enough to be worth it
  5. it's an old ps3 webcam and the driver for windows is not made by the manufacturer. It shows up as a webcam in the system but only outputs a black screen in anything but the test software that came with the driver. But for some reason it works in manycam. It is very much a bodge fix
  6. Yeah, im planning on borrowing a cineroid led lamp with adjustible wb from my school just for fun to see if that improves it. usually shut the blinds if im taking an actual call. Im just gonna make this my little hobby project, making a shitty webcam look as good as possible.
  7. all those settings are greyed out for me, might have something to do with me having to run the webcam through manycam and into obs as a virtual webcam for it to even work
  8. Just a wonderful peice of hardware i found at a local thiftstore
  9. Accutally the funny thing is that i look kinda normal in sunlight but as soon as i turn un an incandecant desk lamp and point it at yours truly i turn blue, it's rather funny really alot of people already asked me if i dyed my hair. Uploading some photos so you can see, i tried whitebalancing in davinci resolve but no improvment to the blueness, when trying colorwheels the rest of the image is ruined before the blue is black. Hope you enjoy how absolute shite this webcam is
  10. I have an old ps3 webcam hooked up to my pc in case i need it, colors look like absolute shite so im trying to use a lut in OBS to color correct. My problem is that i dont know how to fix the color problem. its hard to describe but my black shirt comes of as blue and my brown hair also looks blueish anyone have an idea what to tweak to fix this?
  11. Damn! How haven't I found that one yet! Looks really nice. Thank you for the help
  12. It doesnt have to be perfect, just really want to see what my best options are for my very limeted budget
  13. Running cinabench r20 I hit about 75-80 after 1 run. Also 50 is about as low as idle goes. The second goal for more fans is also to try to reduce fan speed to get a bit more quiet. I use HWmonitor to read temps
  14. Im looking for a decent colour accurate budget 27inch 1440p+ display. I plan on doing video and photowork on it but also casual gaming. So higher refresh rates are a nice bonus but far from essential. Any recomendations?